Forced to Love (Louis Tomlinson)

Melody lives in a place where she isn't allowed to make her own decisions. In the house, the men make all the decisions. Outside of the house, the government does everything. When melody turns 18, her father sends her to the city where the rulers assign her a husband. She doesn't want to marry but she has no choice. Louis, her soon to be husband will just be another pig like all men... Or will he?


5. Meeting the boys pt. 1

~1 Month Later~

Melody's POV

"Melody, love, could you come here for a second?" I hear Louis' sweet, soft voice call as soon as I finish getting dressed after breakfast. I'm wearing dark skinny jeans and a dark grey Ramones shirt with TOMS that Louis had gotten for me. I quickly go to the mirror and pull my hair down, letting my loose curls fall.

I don't know why, but I feel the need to look nice around Louis. Like I need him to like me and think that I'm attractive. I don't know.

I rush down the corridor and into the kitchen where I last saw Louis, but he wasn't there. "Louis?" I call quietly.

"In my room, love" he calls again and I walk, slowly this time, to his bedroom where his door is slightly ajar. I've never been in Louis' bedroom before. I imagine it to be much bigger than mine although mine is very large.

I do not knock, just slowly enter. His room is.... Small? He has a single bed that looks quite uncomfortable. I immediately feel bad. He should have my room.

I go to speak but my eyes find Louis. He's only wearing boxers as he looks through his clothes, trying to find something to wear. He doesn't see me yet, but I can see him perfectly. The muscles on his arms that keep flexing every time he moves. Hi perfect torso that wears his perfect abs. His messy hair that looks perfect on him. My eyes all to his (quite large) bum but they quickly move up to his face. His jawline and those perfect crystal blue orbs looking at me with his perfect lips turned up to a smile. Wait! He's looking back at me?

I quickly snap out of everything. "uh.. You er Uhmm you needed me?" I asked shyly while my hair falls in my face a bit and he nodded.

he steps closer to me. Only centimetres of air separates us. His hands reach to my face and he brushes the pieces of hair behind my ear. "some friends will be joining us for dinner" he whispers and I shiver. "And since I can't cook and I wouldn't want you having to cook for everyone I think well just order in. They'll be ok with that. He continues whispering as he gets closer. I nod unable to speak. He's so sexy. Wait what? No. I didn't mean that.

"you think I'm sexy?" Louis asks, a smirk playing at his lips.

Did I say that out loud?

"yes, babe, you did" he informs me. Since when did he call me babe? It's always love but never babe.

I look into his eyes as his hands trail down to my waist. I see lust and something else. Love? No I don't think that would be right.

He pulls me closer and leans in to where our foreheads are touching. "you know? I think I'm falling for you" he whispers, getting even closer. I've never seen him so serious.

"since we're being honest" I say with a new found confidence. "I think I've already fallen" his face instantly lights up and he gives me a toothy grin. Before I know it, his lips are crushing mine, yet it's still gentle. Our lips move in a sync that's as perfect as Louis.

He gently places me on the bed as his tongue traces my bottom lip and I immediately allow him entrance. His left hand rubs circles on my hip as his right goes up and down my thy, bringing me closer to him. I play with his soft hair.

He pulls away and moves to my neck almost immediately flinging my soft spot sendin tingles through my body.

Louis' POV

I told her. I finally told her I was falling for her.

I am currently on top of her, snogging with her.

I broke the kiss and immediately find her soft spot but stop as soon as I hear a quiet moan escape her lips. I get off of her pulling myself back to reality.

"oh my gosh, Melody, I'm so sorry." I say pacing. "I know you're not ready and I just pushed myself on you, I'm so sorry"

She gets up and rushes over to me. "Louis, it's ok. I think I'm ready to have a relationship" I quickly look up a smile forming on my face. "And I think we should switch room. You deserve a big room and a comfortable bed" she says and I shake my head. "or we could share. It's big enough." she shrugs and my smile gets wider.

"that would be nice" I say and hug her and she wraps her arms around my waist gently. "why don't you put some clothes on and I'll make you some tea" she suggests and I realise I'm still only in my boxers. I nod and she leaves my room.

If Im not sure of anything else I know that I'm positive of one thing: I am in love with Melody.

A/N ok I'm sorry it's been a while... A lot going on... Hope you enjoy I'll be updating more often ok byyeeee comment, like, favourite :)

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