Forced to Love (Louis Tomlinson)

Melody lives in a place where she isn't allowed to make her own decisions. In the house, the men make all the decisions. Outside of the house, the government does everything. When melody turns 18, her father sends her to the city where the rulers assign her a husband. She doesn't want to marry but she has no choice. Louis, her soon to be husband will just be another pig like all men... Or will he?


3. Home

Melody's POV

So apparently Louis is pretty rich. He lives right outside of the city, which is where the very high class people live other than the officials who live in the city.

The house is very large. Yea, we got married.... Don't remind me.

"and this is your room." Louis says at the end of the little tour. "I'm right across the hall"

The room is large. King sized bed, a small love seat, a huge flat screen tv, a walk in wardrobe with more furniture and a huge bathroom.

"wait, we're not sharing a room?"

"I thought I would give you space"

"oh. Thank you" I say as my cheeks began to warm. He treated me like I was important.

He turned to walk out but I stopped him. "can I ask you a question?"

"you just did love" he smirks.

"another one"

"there ya go again" he chuckles

"Louis please"

"ok, fine, you win" he says still grinning.

"why do you treat me so.... Nice?"

His face becomes serious. He probably won't be nice to me anymore. "because you deserve to be treated nice, you deserve to feel like you matter, because you do" he pauses. "besides, I was the only boy in my family besides my dad, I have four sisters and my dad was awful to them, I protected them and now I can't so I'm going to protect you and any of the girls we have and I'm praying that we have a boy so we can teach him the real way to treat a woman"

Well that answer was.... Unexpected.

"I'm beginning to think you're not as bad as I thought." I admit quietly.

He steps towards me. "I told you I was different" he smiles and gives me a peck on the cheek. "sweet dreams, I'll see you in the morning" and then he exits my room.

The feeling of his lips lingered on my cheek. Call me crazy, but I think that maybe I'm falling for this guy.

I put some pyjamas on and wash my face. I lie down in this massive bed and slowly drifting to sleep. Dreaming of Louis Tomlinson.

A/N sorry it's short!!!!! I hope anyone who is reading this enjoys it :) I promise I'll be updating as much as possible and that they will get longer!! Ok byyyeeeee

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