Forced to Love (Louis Tomlinson)

Melody lives in a place where she isn't allowed to make her own decisions. In the house, the men make all the decisions. Outside of the house, the government does everything. When melody turns 18, her father sends her to the city where the rulers assign her a husband. She doesn't want to marry but she has no choice. Louis, her soon to be husband will just be another pig like all men... Or will he?


4. Day in the pool

Melody's POV

I wake up around seven. I throw on a pair of shorts and a tank top, tying my loose curls into a sloppy bun. I brush my teeth and make my way to the kitchen. Rule number one of being a wife: satisfy your husbands needs.... Even the bad ones.

As I make my way through the house I already smell food. That's odd.

"dammit" Louis exclaims as I enter the kitchen. He has a plate full of food in his hands and a glass of milk. "I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed but now that's ruined. Come, have a seat at the table"

"oh my gosh!! Louis, I am sorry, I thought you'd still be in bed. I knew I should've got up earlier" I ramble and I would have continued but he had came to me and closed my mouth with his thumb.

He smiles. "shhh, it's ok. I wanted to do this for you. I was hoping it could make you feel at home." he says and leads me to the table. "So watcha wanna do today? Ooh, ooh, I know!!! We can stay in aaaaallllll day and like watch some films and OMG we can play games!!!! This is going to be soooo fun!! Uhmm... You don't have any allergies do you? Cause that could be a problem. Don't need any hospital visits. WE SHOULD GO SWIMMING. yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah. Let's go swimming and then we can do all kinds of stuff. Just you and me! Well obviously cause there's no one else here! Duh!! Ew. This is awful. I'm really sorry, I'm not the greatest cook but at least i tried. Want a carrot instead? I don't even like these things but I always seem to have them. Weird." he takes in a deep, and rather loud, breath. "holy shit that was a lot of talking"

Weird boy.

I stared at him for a minute and he stares back at me with wide eyes. I suddenly burst out in a huge fit of laughter and he soon joins in.

This is going to be an interesting day.....

Louis' POV

Well Melody is getting to know the real me, the crazy one. We were outside by the pool. Just sitting on the side with our feet in the water. Good thing I filled her wardrobe with clothes because she only had a few outfits before she came here, now she has enough clothes that she can wear total different outfits and never have to wear the same thing for months. And she didnt have a bathing suit!!

Just so you know, she looked really beautiful. I controlled myself from looking at any part of her body but her face. It was hard but I managed. I didn't want her to think I was just another perv. I wanted her to know me and like me. And this may sound crazy but I may actually be falling for this girl.

"what would you do If I pushed you in the water" I ask cheekily.

She looks down at her feet that are kicking in the water and her cheeks turn pink. "probably drown" she mutters.

"wait what?" I ask, a bit caught off guard.

"I can't swim. No one ever taught me."

I get up and pull her up with me. I lead her to the steps and pull her into the water with me.

"did you not hear me?" she asks.

"I'm going to teach you." I smile and she looks nervous. "don't worry, I taught my best mate zayn how too "

I start teaching her some basic stuff and she catches on really quickly. "let's go to the deep end!!" I shout as I grab her hand and start swimming.

"no!" she screams. And then her voice becomes softer. "I won't be able to touch"

"aw it's ok, I got you" I reassure her, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me as I wrap my arms all the way around her waist and she wraps her arms around my neck in a death grip. " ok, love, your going to have to loosen up just a bit. I do need to breathe" I chuckle and she loosens he grip with a blush on her face and biting het lip.

I find myself starring at her lips. I begin to realise how close our bodies are and notice how cute that little lip bite she has going on is. I begin leaning in closer and closer but stop myself when I realise whats happening a settle with kissing her forehead. "maybe thats enough for today. Lets go watch a film"

I can't believe I almost kissed her.

A/N hope you enjoyed!! I wanted it to be longer but being that ive literally stayed up all night I need to go to sleep because it's officially new years eve please like, favourite and comment. It would mean a lot thanks. Byyeee :)
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