Forced to Love (Louis Tomlinson)

Melody lives in a place where she isn't allowed to make her own decisions. In the house, the men make all the decisions. Outside of the house, the government does everything. When melody turns 18, her father sends her to the city where the rulers assign her a husband. She doesn't want to marry but she has no choice. Louis, her soon to be husband will just be another pig like all men... Or will he?


1. The City

Melody's POV

I hate it here. I hate it soo much.

Stupid men. Stupid rules.

Don't even get me started on the rules.

Too late.

When a girl turns 18, she gets shipped to Windsor, which is the massive city where all the rulers stay. There, the council assigns her to a husband whose the age of 20. The new couple must marry that week and return to his home where they must have children within the next three years.

The husband rules the house. Women don't matter in this society. They are here to take care of men and have children that are hopefully male.

Men are quite rude to the women but it doesn't matter, it's their right to do whatever the please. Women, however, have no rights. Women listen to what the men say or face severe punishment. The worst part? No one in the world cares. They don't even put this place on the maps. We are nobody's.

I hate this place. This place of Listhrop, which I'd rather call hell.

"Melody, honey, sit up straight, I don't want creases in your dress" my mother says, breaking me out from my thoughts.

We are sat in the car on our way to Windsor. Yep, I turned 18 a week ago. My father drives in silence and my brother sits beside me looking very bored. He's thirteen.

"this is all so stupid" my brother, Rupert, whines. "Why do I have to come?"

"Don't be sill Rupert, you know you have to be there to give your sister away" my mother says and I zone them out.

I look down at my dress. It's my favourite colour, pink. It hugs my figure. Im a bit curvy but skinny. My dirty blond hair falls past my chest in its usual curls. I have make up on today including heavy eye lashes that don't feel right on my grey eyes. My eye lashes are long, there is no need for these fake ones but I have to look good for my husband.

The thought of marriage makes my stomach churn. And as I look up to see the city, I get scared. What if this man is mean? What if he hurts me, makes me do... Stuff with him against my will? My father doesn't do those things but most men do. What if he hates me more than I already hate him?

"melody, you do as your told. No talking back. You listen to this man and keep him happy. Do you understand?" my father speaks for the first time.

"yes sir" I say and we get out of the car.

I proceed to the woman who collects all the information and tell her what she needs to know and I continue to a man who looks me up and down. Perv.

"name?" he asks harshly.

"Melody Pierce" i state whilst he grabs my arm firmly and pushes me to the left

"down the hall to your right" he informs me and there I see my family.

They inform a minister that they give me away and then they all give me a hug and go out to where the ceremony will take place.

That will the last time I see them for a long time. I will miss my family. Yes, even my father. He wasn't that bad compared to many men.

I hear my name being called. This ceremony is being watched by all of Listhrop. The whole city or Windsor is covered in people who are here to watch in person. They take joy in watching peoplea being forced to marry, forced to love someone that they don't even know.

I take a deep breath and walk out of the doors where bright lights almost blind my eyes. It's night time and the lights of the city and flashing lights are so bright that I believe they're trying to compete with the sun and could possibly win. Ok I'm getting off track.

I step onto a stage, all eyes on me. The announcer stands beside me looking me up and down as well. All men's are pigs! All of them do that!!! "so sweetheart, tell us something about yourself before we bring out your husband"

"what would you like to know" I ask, knowing exactly what he'd ask.

"What would you like to get from this marriage?"

Some rights. But I answer the way I'm suppose to answer. "nothing. Just that my husband is happy"

He smiles. I hold back my erge to role my eyes. "why don't we bring out your husband now"he says and I nod.

I'm not ready for this.

"Please bring out Louis Tomlinson."

A man comes up to the stage. He looks to me and gives me a apologetic smile like he didn't want this either. He looks so young, so sweet, so attractive.
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