Emma has always been alone. And that's how she liked. She didn't have much of a family. Just a father who was always out drinking or passed out in front of the TV. The only thing she needed was her music. Everything changed when she was forced to live with an elderly man after running away and having no where else to go. That's where she met Zayn Malik, from the band One Direction. He was Mysterious and dangerous and had his eyes on Emma. Of course Emma wasnt all into him at first with her eyes hooked on Niall. But that sure didn't stop Zayn, with everything about to unravel and Emma has no where to run.


6. The plan

Emmas POV:

As I was kissing Niall, I didn't feel any sparks like I did with Zayn but I knew I had to do this. If Niall likes me and he thinks I like him then maybe Zayn would think the kiss we had didn't mean anything and he'd leave me alone. Thats what I hoped for. I couldn't deny my feelings for Zayn but it just wasn't right. I couldn't do it. Niall and I had stopped kissing and we were staring into each others eyes. Why couldn't I have feelings for him? He's so sweet. I was going to hate breaking his heart. "What are you thinking about love?" Niall asked, "You look troubled" Damn. Think of something quick Emma. "I-I just never felt anything like this before" I said in a nervous voice. Good one Emma. "I feel exactly the same way" Niall said smiling. This is great, everything was working out. "I should get going" I said and opened the door and ran back to my room. This house was crazy. It'd only been a day since I left home and already so much had happened. I needed to get out. I left my room and went down to the front door, I opened it and was about to step out when Zayn appeared and grabbed and pulled me back in. I screamed. "where do you think your going beautiful?" He said dragging me into the living room and throwing me on the floor. "Don't throw her so hard Zayn she might damage the rug" said liam. "Fuck you" I said. What were they going to do. I didn't show it but I was frightened. What did I get myself into? "Now I had already told you darling, you aren't going anywhere." He said. He was so darn attractive. "and why not?" I asked rolling my eyes. "Because I have special plans for you" Zayn said with a dangerous look in his eye. I looked around the room and realized all the boys from One Direction were here. Niall Gave  me a sympathetic look, he looked scared. scared for me? harry, liam, and louis were grinning like this was some kind of game. "You guys are pathetic, don't you have anything better to do?" I asked standing up. "Ooo she has an attitude" said Liam. "And were on our break" said Harry. "So we can do as we please" oh great I thought. They were going to be here for a while then. "Well I can do as I please also." I said and started to walk towards the door. "And I choose to leave" As I walked past Zayn I couldn't help but get butterflys. What was wrong with me? 

Zayns POV: 

Emma started to walk past me. I got butterflys. Why. She said she was leaving. I couldn't let that happen. She couldn't leave me. I will do everything I can to keep her here with me. 

Emmas POV: 

As I went to open the door I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. I fell to the ground. Everything went black. I woke up sometime later in my room. except there was a new lock on my door and my windows were hammered shut. Somebody else was in the room. Who? I couldn't tell my head hurt so bad. Everything was spinning. I heard a voice.  "Hello Beautiful" Zayns beautiful voice said. And then it was dark again. 

Author: what do you think about Zayn being the bad one? Is it wrong that shes playing with Nialls heart? Let me know what you think, Ill be updating again sometime tonight 12/14/12. Xx

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