Emma has always been alone. And that's how she liked. She didn't have much of a family. Just a father who was always out drinking or passed out in front of the TV. The only thing she needed was her music. Everything changed when she was forced to live with an elderly man after running away and having no where else to go. That's where she met Zayn Malik, from the band One Direction. He was Mysterious and dangerous and had his eyes on Emma. Of course Emma wasnt all into him at first with her eyes hooked on Niall. But that sure didn't stop Zayn, with everything about to unravel and Emma has no where to run.


5. Music

Zayns POV:

"Emma! Don't go!" I said as she ran out of her bedroom. We kissed. She did like me. I think. No I'm certain, I felt the sparks. And I'm pretty sure she felt them too. What did this mean? I knew she was different. Ever since I layed my eyes on her. But how? I had so many different emotions going through. Confusion, excitement,anger,love. She will be mine. Nothing can stop me.

Emmas POV:

When I ran out of the room I was in such a hurry I didn't bother to see where I was going, I ran into a random room and shut the door. I fell to the ground. I couldnt believe I just let that happen. I just kissed the guy who said I couldn't leave this house. Who had been an asshole to me since day one. Why did I like him so much? I kept thinking about the kiss. And how it felt so right. I can't let it happen again. I should be smarter than this. He'll just use me and hurt me, theres no point. I have to do something. To make him think I don't care for him. But what? I sat there thinking for a moment. and I had it. Niall. 

I got up and looked around the room, it of course just like the rest of the house was gorgeous.But it was love at first sight when I saw the grand piano. I slid into the seat and ran my fingers across the keys. Music was what I lived for. A thing me and Zayn had in common. Emma stop it. I started to play to drown out my thoughts. I played one of the many pieces I had written in my spare time. I hadn't realized how much I missed playing till now. 

***2 hours later***

I decided it was time to stop playing so I slid my fingers off the keys. "That was beautiful" Niall said in an awed voice sitting on a spare sofa in the corner. How long had he been here? "Its nothing its just something I wrote" I said as i started heading towards the door. Niall grabbed me by the arm " No Emma I am being serious. Your very talented. That was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." Niall said with tears in his eyes. That got to me. He was the first person to actually hear me play. "Thank you" I said in a whisper. Niall was such a sweetheart. 

Nialls POV

She is so amazing. I had just been looking for Zayn when I heard the most beautiful tune ever, I came in and saw her. Her. Emma. I knew Zayn has a thing for her but I can't help what I feel. She deserves somebody good. Like me. I took a step towards her. "I got to go" she said looking down blushing. she started to open the door, I couldnt let her leave without letting her know what I was thinking."Emma wait please" I said and she stopped and turned around. She had such beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't hold it back any longer. I pulled her to me and put my lips to hers. Surprisingly, she accepted it. She put her arms around my neck And her fingers through my hair. I picked her up kissing her more passionately and she put her legs around my waist. "We shouldn't do this" I said between kisses. I knew Zayn would be furious if he found out. "I Don't care" she said and continued to kiss me. 

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