Emma has always been alone. And that's how she liked. She didn't have much of a family. Just a father who was always out drinking or passed out in front of the TV. The only thing she needed was her music. Everything changed when she was forced to live with an elderly man after running away and having no where else to go. That's where she met Zayn Malik, from the band One Direction. He was Mysterious and dangerous and had his eyes on Emma. Of course Emma wasnt all into him at first with her eyes hooked on Niall. But that sure didn't stop Zayn, with everything about to unravel and Emma has no where to run.


4. First kiss and much more

I woke up the next morning and remembered everything that had happened the night before. What was I going to do? I got out of bed and decided to get dressed and ready for the day. I picked out a pair of blue shorts with a white long sleeved Tshirt and my shark tooth necklace. I was still starving because I hadn't been able to get anything to eat last night thanks to that sexy douche. I left my room and headed towards the kitchen. As i entered the living room I was surprised to see Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn all sitting on the sofa watching sponge bob. "Ah look its my feisty darling" Zayn said with his irresistible accent. Why was I so attracted him. "Blow me" I said as I walked into the kitchen. I dug through the cabinets. Niall walked in and opened a pantry door and handed me a box of fruity pebbles and then opened the cooler and got the milk, spoon, and bowl. "Why thank you Niall. Aren't you a sweetheart." I said and winked at him. "Anything for a pretty lady such as yourself" he said with his deep Irish accent. I looked at him. He had the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. He smiled and walked back out. So I guess not all the boys were bad like Zayn. I poured my cereal and went into the frontroom and sat on the floor eating it. "So Emma, is it?" Harry Asked. "Mmhmm" I said with a mouth full of cereal. "What brings you here?" harry asked with a curious look in his eye. I swallowed another bite and said "I don't think thats any of your business." "Oh Zayn you were right she is feisty" Harry said as he laughed. "Haha thats my girl" Zayn said as he pulled me onto the couch next to him. "I am not your girl!" I said as I poured the milk to my cereal over his head. As I walked back into the kitchen I heard him say "You'll regret that, love". Ha. I swear he makes me so angry. I have to admit that I liked it when he pulled me next him. But I wouldn't ever say. I went back up to my room and pulled out my iPod and started to play music to relax me. 

*** About an hour later**

I was laying in bed when I heard my door open. Zayn walked in and closed and locked the door behind him. I was curious. "May I help You pretty boy?" I asked as he walked up to me. "Whats your deal darling. Millions of girls would do anything to be with me and your acting like Im some loser in gym class." He came really close to me then, crawled on to my bed until his face was an inch away from mine. My heart started to raise. He was so cute. "I could care less who you are Zayn Malik. You haven't been so nice to me so why would I show interest in somebody like you?" I asked. Wow. I was a good liar.He looked shocked, and angry. His beautiful brown eyes pierced into mine. This was so hard. His lips got closer to mine. He was about to say something but the next thing I know we were kissing. It felt so right. Sparks flew throughout my body as his tongue came into my mouth. The kiss didn't last as long as I wanted it to but thats my fault for Getting up and running out of the room. 

My first kiss was with Zayn. And it was absolutely amazing.

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