Emma has always been alone. And that's how she liked. She didn't have much of a family. Just a father who was always out drinking or passed out in front of the TV. The only thing she needed was her music. Everything changed when she was forced to live with an elderly man after running away and having no where else to go. That's where she met Zayn Malik, from the band One Direction. He was Mysterious and dangerous and had his eyes on Emma. Of course Emma wasnt all into him at first with her eyes hooked on Niall. But that sure didn't stop Zayn, with everything about to unravel and Emma has no where to run.


9. A second start

*2 Months later*

Emmas Pov: When I woke up I looked next to me and saw Zayn still fast asleep. Hes so cute. I got out of bed quietly not wanting to disturb him and headed towards the bathroom. So much has changed since the incident two months ago. Zayn was officially my boyfriend, which we were both quite happy about. I was aloud to leave when I pleased. but I usually didn't unless it was with one of the boys. I was happy. For the first time ever since my mom had left. And Niall.. well I can't say everything's fine with him. He acts happy and what not in front of the boys but I can tell he's still hurt. It was 8 in the morning so I decided I'd take a shower and get ready for the day. After I got out of the shower, I combed through my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom towards the closet. I picked out a pair of dark blue faded skinny jeans and a black long sleeved half shirt with some black vans. After I dressed, I went back in the bathroom and put up my long hair in a messy bun, and applied a little bit of mascara. It was now 9 in the morning, so I decided it was time to wake up the other boys. I opened my bedroom door, and ran quietly to Louis room. Me and him had become best friends  I put my ear on the door and heard that he was still asleep. So I walked down to the kitchen and got a cup of water and ran back to his room. I opened the door and crept towards his bed and shouted "Wake up Louuuuiisss" He stirred and mumbled "5 more minutes mom" I laughed, even when he was asleep he was still funny. I poured the cup of water all over his face. he jumped up and screamed. "Ahhhhhh" I Stepped back and started to laugh. "You are a loon" Louis laughed. "Well its already 9:25 and you guys have to be at the studio by 12." I said pointing at his clock. "holy crap We overslept" Louis said and kissed me on the cheek and ran into his bathroom yelling "Thank you best friend' I walked back to my room and jumped on Zayn and kissed him on the lips. He smiled and said "good morning beautiful". "Why good morning sleeping beauty" I said standing up. He got out of bed and kissed me on the lips. He headed towards the bedroom while I went down to the kitchen to start making breakfast. I cooked up some eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits. A lot of it, because the boys eat like its nothing. When I was setting out the plates Niall came down in a white T-shirt and his boxers. "Good morning Niall" I said looking down. It was still awkward between us. 

Nialls Pov: I had walked down to the kitchen because I had smelt food. When I walked in, I saw Emma. She was so beautiful. I felt the emotions rising up again. "Good morning Niall" she said and then she looked down. I walked over to her and put a finger under her chin and lifted her face back up. She blushed and stood there staring at me. This is the first time we've been alone ever since the incident. She looked hurt, "I'm so sorry for what I did to you Niall" she said. I walked towards her and gently grabbed her face and kissed her. I've been wanting to do this ever since her and Zayn had gotten together. I would be so much better for her than him. She needed to realize this. She backed away but didn't say anything. She turned around and went back to setting up breakfast. "Breakfasts done" she yelled. All the boys came running down and digging in. including myself. I looked up and saw that Emma was staring at me. She quickly looked away when she saw I was looking at her. I wonder what she was thinking about.

Emmas Pov: Niall had kissed me. And I had felt a spark. Not like The kind of electricity I feel with Zayn but something was defiantly there. I grabbed Zayn hand and he looked up and smiled at me. He had that sparkle in his eye. I couldn't help but smile back. After breakfast the boys were getting ready to leave. "Come on Emma its time to go" Zayn said. I smiled and walked outside and got in the car with him and the boys. Zayn Looked at me ans smiled like he was up to something. "what are you so happy about" I asked him. He pulled me closer and said " Today's the day the media find out who you are" he announced proudly. For a while I was known as the mystery girl because I was spotted with the boys and zayn all the time. "What?" I asked. Was he serious? "You heard me" he said and smiled. This was nerve wracking. Even when the media didn't know my name fans still talked about me all the time. The first time I had been spotted with the boys I got on twitter and saw a picture of me and Zayn, tagging him in it, saying "Who is this black haired beauty spotted with Zayn Malik?" And of course I also got tons of hate. "Are you sure about this I Asked?" looking at Zayn. "Of course I'm sure, i love you and I want the whole world to know" He said. And kissed me. "This is going to be so much fun!" Louis said jumping up and down in his seat. I really hoped so.

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