A Bones fanfic, guys!

Brennan's baby dies, she has a miscarriage. Booth and Bones don't take the news well.
Angela is there for Brennan, and Booth gets closer to Hodgins. (:
This is mostly about friendship, but also tragedy and loss. Inspired by
"What Hurts The Most" by Reacal Flatts and A Bones Misscarriage AU video on youtube. Thanks! Enjoy


1. What Hurts The Most

Title inspired by What Hurts The Most By Rascal Flatts. Enjoy!


"Booth, I'm pregnant. You're the father."

He remembered the line so well. Booth had been so excited about having a baby. Last week they found out that it was a girl. Brennan and him had named her Christine. It was so far along in her pregnancy that it was almost impossible for this to happen. But it did...

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