A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


17. Two Years Changes Things.

Two Years. Wow. Throughout the past years, we've been through a lot.


"The contestant in third place is.............................



"You're going to see more of them and your fourth place contestant Eira. These group of people are talented." Simon said.


"How was the surgery, doctor?" Zayn asked.

"It was good...... but she may have some complications."

"What complications?" I said worriedly.

"In the time we were operating on you.... we located a tumor. Now.... this tumor is still to small to take out. So we are going to have to monitor you from time to time."


"I'm sorry............. Eira, you need to be careful. Call me if you feel any pain. Once you do feel it, in a matter of time you may loose your memory if you don't get it out."

"Oh.... um.... okay...." I had no words to explain what was happening. Zayn came over to comfort me. This can't be happening.

"Your going to have to take a break from your work in the music bizz, once you feel the pain. Stress could cause drastic measures. And the surgery will cause you to rest for about a year"

"Alright Doctor. We will," Zayn said.

flashback over:

In two years..... wow! I mean, look at where I am. I can see again. Simon signed me......I'm on the Top Charts along with One Direction and Cher in the UK and US and I'm performing at the Rockefeller Center in NY right now for the Christmas tree lighting. Then on New Years Eve I'm performing at Dick Clark's New Years Bash. With all this.... it's been hard for Zayn and I to keep in touch. Every time we have plans, management or something ruins it. The last Christmas we spent together, Zayn told me maybe we should take a break. It broke my heart...... but he promised he'd come find me again. Especially with.... well ya.

He promised this two years ago. I've been waiting for him since then. We try to work things out but you know..... as I said, something always comes up.

Last year management moved me to LA. This made things harder, so I guess breaking up for good was the right thing to do. And lemme tell you.... the fandom wasn't so happy about it. They got over it though. And now I doubt Zayn will come for me. I mean he has a new girlfriend. I respect that. Niall and I made up three months ago. I needed someone to talk to and I hated the feeling of anger hidden inside me. So I finally did.

I love my job, though! Apart from the paparazzi and mobbing of fans, it's amazing. I'm doing what I've always wanted. Oh! And your all probably wondering.... what happened to Ash and Kyff? Well they live about four houses away from me. Guess what? Kyffin got a new girlfriend! You wouldn't guess who..... Emma Stone! I know right? We became real close. Ash, is actually single, with the occasional girl every week. Which will probably be sometime soon. But seriously, he has gotta settle down soon. He is 20 after all. Okay so maybe he's still young but, what ever. 

So now.... where were we. Oh right! Well right now I am practicing for the Rockefeller Center. I'm singing our song, but I half expect him to be there. Ya I still like him, and I REALLY need to get over him.

I finished the song. Everyone cheered as I walked off stage and left to walk out into the streets of NY.

 My phone then rings.

me: Hello?

unknown: Hey there, girly!

me: Who's this?

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