A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


1. Our song

"I'll be home.... for christmas.

You can count on me.....

Please bring snow and mistletoe,

and presents under the tree.

...........Christmas eve'll find me,

Where the lovelight gleams....

I'll be home for Christmas, baby,

If only in my dreams!

If.... only in... OUR DREAMS!!!"

I sang at the Rockefeller Concert in New York. This was our song. The song that I danced to with him, the song where he met me, the song where I kissed him under the mistletoe.... the song where he promised he'd find me. All those events I listed happened over the Christmases we've had together. He and I have been through a hell of a journey. I just hope he finds me again. By now I've become a very famous singer. I looked around hoping he was there. I mean, I shouldn't keep my hopes up, it's been 2 1/2 years since I've seen him. I still love him though. Even now.

My name is Eira (Ay-ruh)  Felicity Brace.

I am welch but was born in America. When I was 14 i moved to London on the week of Christmas. There I met, well, him.

4 years ago:

I was actually pretty excited to be moving to London with my brothers, Kyffin and Ashton. Everyone calls Kyffin, Kyff; Ashton, Ash and me well I don't have one, at least not until I went to London. 

My brother, Kyff, is a hansome strap, all the girls are all over him. I would always joke with him that he's one of those players. But I know he's not. He's a really kind and loving person. Did I mention he's also very protected of me? Well he is... I guess because he's 21, the oldest and I'm the only girl and the youngest. Kyffin is only protective of me and Ash-mainly me- because mom and dad died. Their will said that they wanted to hand us down their money- ya we're... urm, rich but no one knows- and for Kyff to protect us and keep us safe. Since then Kyff's been so serious about everything we do.

I just don't think it's fair. My parents died 5 months ago at the age of 38. They were too young. I'm only fourteen-going-on-fifteen and they won't be able to be there for my prom, wedding.... Being the youngest I guess I took it the hardest the first 2 months. Ash is 16 and he was so calm about it. It looked like it didn't affect him, but it did. Ash was just well being strong for me. No one had told me how they died, mainly beccause I was there and I can't remember. They're afraid if they tell me I might go into some type of trauma. So till now I still don't know. I don't ever want to know because I don't know what I'd do to myself.

Since Kyffin's 21, he took it harder than most and went into an icy cold mask. We rarely heard his laugh or saw his smile and it was usually because of only Ash and me. Maybe because he knew mom and dad longer than us he'd taken it harder. And yes, if you do the math my parents had him at 17. They were practically broke, but my dad got a job and went to college at night. When he graduated he got a job at a law firm and we got rich. Mom worked as a model because one day at the beach some photographer saw her with dad and Kyff and asked her to become his model for L'oreal. So since then our family was pretty happy-with the occasional fights- and Ash and I came along a few years later.

So now it'll be our first Christmas without them, first time doing our traditions without them, but starting new and trying to be happy and moving to London.

"Kyffin!!!!!" Ash called.


"Where did you put my-"

"It's in your pocket," Kyffin chuckled as Ash came down the stairs. He had been going up and down looking for his cellphone.

"Where is Eira?"

"I'm coming!!!" I say just putting on my makeup and fixing my hair.


It was true, I was. Some people thought I was her. And maybe that's why Kyff was harder on me than Ash. Ash was the typical happy-go-lucky teen. He was handsome and smart and never failed to surprise me. He'd always find a way to keep me happy. He's practically the only person who'll be able to make Kyffin laugh or smile.

"Yeah, you are." Kyff said smiling at me as I came down.

"Aw... you guys are amazing. I love you!"

"Diddo!" Ash yelled hugging me.

"That sounds so passionate," I giggle.

"Because it is. C'mon Kyff! Groupie!"

Kyffin chuckled and hugged us. There was a honk outside.

"Our rides here."

We opened the door and Kyff's friend Jess helped put our luggage in his car. As we got in Kyffin put the radio on. A song then started to play. It was Michael Buble, my favourite singer.

"I'll be home for Christmas....."


Hey guys! so this is a Christmas fanfic for 1D! Dej and I will update on this one more for the holidays! So keep the Christmas cheer!

Merry Christmas!

-Janice and Deja



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