A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


18. NO WAY!

unkown: I don't see you ever since.... what um.... happened, and you can't remember me?! *or me?!* (screams someone in the backround)

It suddenly dawns on me who this is. I should've recognized these three accents....


"You got that right!" Harry says chuckling.

"Oh my gosh! I thought you forgot about me."

"We would never forget you! *well most off us.* -smack- *Ow!*"

"What do you mean Lou?"

"Zayn..... he's tried so much to forget all about you.... and-" Niall speaks.

"We think he has." Harry finishes for him.

"What?" I whisper.

"The new girl he's dating.... she well... is changing him. He's not the same. And it's like he's lost his sense of love. Like all love. You know what I mean?" Louis says.

"I can't believe him. He promised me that he'd find me again and that we'd reunite.... That he'd come before anything happened to me. Now.... I find out.... he forgot about me." I say starting to tear up.

I suddenly hear a doorbell ring. Who could that be? I mean, I wasn't expecting anyone.

"Hold on guys... -sniff- Someone's at the door."

I walk down the stairs and to the door. I unlock it and open it. What I see behind the doors shock me.


"What?" I hear through the phone as it drops to the ground.


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