A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


5. Mistletoe

He took my hand and we ran to the snow. It's so cold!! I should've worn my leggings..... We left the car at Nando's. Zayn said his friend who works there will be at the party and will bring it. I got a bit tired after the first 5 miles....... I think there was 1 mile left.

"Zayn... wait... up," I panted.

"You.... alright?"

"Just let me...... catch my breath. What time... is it?"

"5 past.... six...."

"Okay I think I'm good now. Let's...go..."

"You want me to carry you the rest of the way?"

"No Zayn... you're probably tired too. I mean we ran the last 2 miles.... and-"

"Eirland......... Just come on!"

"Oh alright! Thanks Malik."

I hopped on his back and we headed all the way to his house. We were laughing all the way there like jolly santas! Except well... we aren't chubby!

"You're.... so.... fat!" Zayn yelled.


"I'm joking.... I'm joking!"

"How much longer!!!"

"You're complaining?!"


"Hahaha.... but we're here!"

He put me down. Then we looked at each other and fixed our looks. He laughed and took a leaf out of my hair. He then took a comb out and mirror. I laughed at him as he handed it to me. We were finally ready and walked in.


"Hey sistah!!" Zayn said hugging his sister.

"Hello, I'm Eira," I said.

"Hi! I'm Safaa."

Zayn then showed me around. I met a whole bunch of people! "Mom?" he asked. We walked into the kitchen.

"I'm in here!"

"Merry Christmas!" we both sang in unison without meaning to.

"Oh! hello! You must be Eira. I'm Mrs. Malik but you can call me Tricia. You're brothers are in the living room."

"Oh I know... P.S. next time don't give Ash wine.... he gets um.. tipsy."

"I see," she laughed," Now go on! Have some fun!"

Zayn took my hand and lead me out into the living room. Soon the song I'll Be Home For Christmas came on. I followed him when suddenly my two now drunk brothers shouted.


I looked up, Oh dear Jesus..... I am freaking out inside! I looked at Zayn. He looked content with this. The little.... Oh well. I then kissed him. He was kinda shocked at first but kissed back. It felt like fireworks on New Years Eve. My heart was pounding. He then laughed as he pulled away. Hugged me and whispered.

"Go out with me to the movies tomorrow?" I nodded and he said, "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!"


He hugged me close. BEST (well second best) CHRISTMAS EVAH!

"Merry Christmas Malik."

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