A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


2. Little Things We Don't Notice

Little did I know that that song would bring me good and sad memories. I loved listening to I'll Be Home For Christmas. It's kinda like you're looking forward to say the love of your life coming back to you. (And well in this case I am.)

"How much longer to the airport?" Ash asked for like the a millionth time in the past 2 hours.

"30 minutes, alright?! Just shut up already!" Jess said. He was getting really annoyed and angry with him.

"Ash, my gosh, you are soooo impatient!" I said in my most girly-gurl voice.

"OMG! Really 'cause like i din't even notice. Like 'cha!"

We all burst out laughing. Eh, most of us. Kyff just chuckled. He sighed, maybe he missed all the times where Mom, Dad, Ash, him and I would fool around and laugh. I missed those days to, but it doesn't mean that just because they are gone that we stop smiling all the time. 'Well I'll be,' dad would say trying to mock a southern accent, 'You be darn tootin'!' We'd all laugh because part of his welch accent would mess it up.

I start to sing along with the next song "My Grown Up Christmas List" and I hadn't noticed. Ash took his headphones out. Then Jess turned the radio off and I kept on singing because I was so into the song.

"You know," Kyff said interrupting my daydreaming, "I wouldn't be surprised if you'd gotten famous. You're an amazing singer."

"Aw... shanks, Quiff!" We actually all laugh at that.

It was ironic because his hair was in a quiff. Suddenly the car stopped. I looked out the door to see my best friends Sarah, Janice and Deja. Their nose and eyes were red from crying. I started tearing up as I got out the car. I stood there on the curb hesitating. They did too. Ash, Kyff and Jess got out the car to get the luggage. We then ran to each other and burst into more tears.

"We're going to miss you soo sooo much!" Deja said.

"I know you are. I will too..."

"Don't worry though, we'll come during summer, yeh?" Janice said.

"Yeah!" Sarah and Deja said in unison.

"That would be awesome! Keep in touch, kay?"

"Yupp!" We all hugged each other and Kyff handed me my suitcase. We went into the airport. I waved good bye to Jess as he smiled back and hopped into the car. J, Dej and Sarah hopped in too.

3 hours later:
"WHEN DO WE GET ON THE PLANE?" Ash whisper screamed impatiently for the eight time this minute.

"When you shut the hell up!" I said furiously with him. We were all tired. I mean we would be. Kyff woke us up at 4 because our flight was at 7:10. We've been fussing with everything so ya, we all were very tired. Ash probably just wanted to sleep for 18 something hours in the plane.

"Sorry, Ash... I'm just really tired and your nagging is making me insane."

"It's alright, I get it. I'm just so tired too."

"I'll be back, I'm going to get a coffee."

"Eira, you want me to come? You may get lost," Kyff said worriedly.

"Kyffin Jay Brace I will not get lost in JFK airport."

"*sigh* Oh, alright," he spoke relentlessly.

I went to starbucks and ordered a french vanilla Iced coffee. When my name was called I got up and headed back to our seats. Suddenly someone bumped into me.

"I am so sorry!" said a boy about my age. His Irish accent made me swoon.

"It's alright, I didn't spill anything. Are you okay?"

"Yeah thanks."

"Where are you headed?" I asked in wonder. What? I was curious.


"Oh really? Same!"

"That's such a coincidence! What's your name? I'm Niall." he said sticking his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Eira."

He smiled as I shook his hand, "You like 16 or something?"

"No, I'm 14."

"You look a lot older."

"That's what everyone tells me!"

We chickle together and head back and sit and chat as we wait for the flight to be called. To our luck the flight was delayed by an hour. I found out that from London Niall would travel to Westmulingar, Ireland. He promised that we should keep in touch. Little did I know Niall would become my best friend and help me through my problems with my future boyfriend and his best mate.


So I decided to make another chapter because I can't sleep. But well now I am shleepy. Lol. So write more later! Bye and G'night!


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