A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


4. Let's Hang Sometime

I woke up in the morning to the sound of beeping. I turned to my nightstand. My phone was vibrating like crazy! I checked the time. 7am.... gosh, who'd be texting me at this ungrateful hour!? There were 8 texts in my iMessage.

#: Hey! It's Zayn, from um... yesterday. x ;)

#:Wake up shleepy head!

#: Oy! Vas Happenin?

#: Are you awake yet?


#:Heheheh..... okay srsly, what about now? xx


#:C'mon plz? I wanna FaceTime you and c ur beautiful face! Lol :D

Me: Alright! Alright! I'm awake! Lol. sure i'll call you hold on.

I then went to my contacts and saved him to it. I then fixed my hair and FaceTimed him.

"Hi!" I said and waved to him. God, he looked even more sexy in the morning.

"Vas Happenin, bestie!?" he shouted.

"Oh! I'm your best friend? I just met you!"

"So what? If you're a good person I know you'll be a good bestie!"

"Aww! Thx, Zayn. You're my best friend to."

I so totally like him! EEE! Okay, calm down Eira, he may not like you that way. We chatted for about an hour and decided to hang out today in about 3 hours, so 11 o'clock. Zayn told me to just wear nice clothes because we may be out until  the time of the party. Alrighty then, what to wear, what to wear? Ash has been at me for the past half-hour! Teasing me about this "date" with my new guy friend.


"Hey! No need to make threats..... what? Is shomebody newrvous for thewr date?" he said sarcastically.

"That's it!!!"

I ran out of my room and down the stairs. Kyffin was sitting on the couch reading the paper. Without looking up he said,

"What's going on now?" he stated suspiciously.

"Could you make him stop teasing me about hanging with the guy, Zayn, we met yesterday?!"

"Ash, why?"

"It's fun. You should try it sometime." Ash stated with a hint of humour in his voice.

I hit him in the arm and he stared icyly at me. I just stuck my tongue out  and left as Kyff started lecturing Ash. Hmmm...... I guess I'll just wear this: (if you don't see it it's a pretty grey-black dress)


I then wore a little cute jacket and put my phone, lipgloss and other stuff in my bag. My brunette hair with blond highlights was put in it's natural curls. I also wore my black flats with a little bow. I then heard the doorbell ring. What time was it? I checked my phone to see it was about 10 minutes after 11. Oh crap! I walked down the stairs. I heard Ash talking to someone with Kyff. Did I just hear Kyffin Jay Brace laugh? No ones ever made him laugh except for me and Ash.... I walk in to see Zayn. He was wearing a white tee and a dark gray blazer and some jeans with some sneakers. Damn boy! (if you watched the Voice finale you'd get it).

"Oh, hey Eir. Ready to- Wow!" he gasped, "Urm... you look.... AmaZAYN!! heheh get it?"

"Haha.....and well.... thanks. Not to bad yourself sexy!" I joked (well kinda).


Kyffin then stepped infront of me, "Don't get hurt... okay?"

I guess he was still worried something bad might happen again, "Kyff-"

"Don't worry I'll keep her safe." Zayn interrupted.

"Thanks. It means a lot."

"Ready to go?" Zayn asked.


We walked out the door and headed for the restaurant. This was going to be fun! It was Christmas eve and one wish came true.... to find a guy who'll be there for me. Well at least for the next two years.

30 minutes later:

"Nando's?" I asked.

"It's a great place, and you know you've probably never been to one."

"Oh! Well then let's go."

We sat at the tables just relaxing and talking. It was nice back then, no paparazzi.... there was, privacy. I really loved Nando's it was a great place to eat! We then headed for the mall and shopped. Did I tell you we have EXPENSIVE taste! We spent a heap load amount of money! I bought most of the stuff which got Zayn mad. He had didn't want me paying for him. I guess it was his guy image that he wanted to protect.

"Where to now?" i asked.

"Don't question Eir, just follow."

It was around 5 pm. Snow started to swiftly fall from the sky. It looked so beautiful! I looked around to see lights on trees. It was a park.

"Wow! This.... phenominal! How did you find this?"

"Lets just say, curiosity gives you good things sometimes. Kinda like you." he said blushing.

"What do you mean?" I was smiling cheekily. Gosh! Eira stop smiling.

"You're the best thing that happened to me! I mean because I don't have many friends and well, you're an amazing person."

"Aww thanks Zayn." I hugged him and he hugged me back, he was so warm!! Cool it Eir, "Merry Christmas..."

"Merry Christmas Eirland."

"Ireland?" I laughed.

"Well, you kinda look Irish/Welch and the E-I-R part in your name sounds like ire. I think I'll give yeh this nickname!"

"Thanks Malik...."

"I see you're catching on!''

"I am, now come on lets go, the party starts in an hour."

I started walking on when snow was thrown at my head. I turned around laughing, "Hey!"

Zayn then gave me the what-did-I-do look. I then ran and jumped on him making us fall to the ground. We giggled and look at each other. We were lying on the ground. I looked into his eyes and they sparkled in delight. I decided that now wasn't the time. I don't know him enough yet. He then looked at me closely. He moved the hair from my forehead.

"What happened there?" he asked touching the scar.

"I... um...."

"It's alright, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Thanks.... I'm just still kinda grieving..... my family and I...."

"Well if you need to talk you'll always have me. Now come on let's go."


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