A Kiss Under Mistletoe

"No matter where, I'll find you..... I always will."

Those were his last words to me. I never saw him again. Until one Christmas... my wish finally came true.

The thing was, would I accept him again? Would he remember me?


16. Chapter 16

"You are so beautiful........ to me."

Harry finished. Everyone cheered! That was so amazing. After listening to the judges, Dermot told the guys to get backstage.

"Next! After the break is, last but not least! EIRA BRACE!"

"Is it right to feel this nervous? I've done how many performances infront of them, but for some reason I feel so scared?" I asked Cher.

"I don't know, love. But you'll do great!" she assured.

Suddenly I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pick me up. I start laughing.

"Hey baby....." Zayn said seductively, "Don't forget the emotion... remember...."

"I remember, hun...."

I then take my walking stick and head towards the stage. Staff members give me my microphone. Here goes nothin!

"I just want to say, before I perform. Please don't vote on your sympathy for me. Vote for me if you like the song and the way I perform."

The crowd applauds and waits for me to begin. Damn.............. Eira. Shake off the nerves. You can do this. Just like before. And this time you can't see them, so this has to be easier. The music starts to play and I begin.

"Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate, 
All through the night

Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I will do anything, 
Girl you need only ask

I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
Till you tell me to

Oh! I'll Make Love......... to you......"

I finish the song. Nothing. Zip. No applause what so ever. This the end. I'm not going to make Top 4. I'll be the first to go-

"WHOOOOOOO!!" someone screamed.

Then an applause errupted. Omg! I did it! I did okay. I put a smile on my face and waited. I was about to step foward.

"NO!" a boy yelled, "Don't move, Eira! You'll fall!"

I stop in my tracks, "Oh... Thanks... to um, whoever said that."

"No prob!"  he chuckled.

"Someone get on stage please. I don't want any of our contestants getting more injured." Simon spoke.

"I'm here," Dermot said. He then whispered into my ear, "Sorry. I was just so amazed by your performance!"

I smiled, "Aww.... thanks."

I listened to the judges. Then Zayn tapped my shoulder and helped me get backstage. He told me to follow him because he needed to tell me something.

"Eira. Simon is here okay?"

"Oh! Um... Hi Simon."

"Hello Eira. Great performance btw," Simon said happily.

"Thanks." I giggled.

"Now.... Zayn has asked me for a favour. He said it's possible the lads and him may not win. So they came to me and asked if I could give you the money for the medical bills to fix your eyes."

"What? R-really? You don't have to-"

"Eira, your like a daughter to me. The lads are like my sons. If you or they need something I'll help."

"You'd really do that for me?" I say. Zayn hugs me and I clutch his arm.


"I'll pay you back, some-"

"No, heh... I insist. As a gift. Okay?"

"Thanks Simon... And for the record, your like a dad to me."

Simon walked up to me, gave me a hug and walked off. This was really happening. I'm going to get my sight back!

Niall's POV:

I hope this idea works. Simon would do anything for us. Especially Eira. Simon always thought of Eira as a daughter. She showed him the love a daughter would give. He softened a bit after that.... with the occasional rudeness.... heheh. I just hope the surgery will work.

Zayn's POV:

This is amazing! Eira will get her sight back.

But I was wrong....

She got her sight back....

except things went horribly wrong............


Hey guys! How do you like it so far? Tell me in the comments! Thanks :D

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