Watch Out Behind You

Just a thought.
One Direction has just played their biggest gig. Ever.
And a most terrible crime has just happened, under their bright lights.Never?
A who-done-it story, with a city under the lime light.

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5. An Awoken State

Zayn's Pov.

I woke that fateful morning, by someone shaking me. It was doing no help to my heavy handover. Lat night had been huge.

Liam's voice floated through my head. "Zayn! Get up! You must GET up! There is an emergency meeting about the show!"

I cracked open my eyes to see Liam rummaging through my suitcase looking for clothes for me. I didn't want to wake up, I couldn't. "Liam, don't be silly. The show was last night." I chuckled sleepily at my own astounding logic, and felt the pain throbbing in my head.

"Yes, thank you, I know that Zayn," Liam said sternly, as if to a little kid. He started to shake me again.

All of a sudden I could feel it coming and couldn't hold it down. I swung my tired legs over the edge of the bed and bolted towards the bathroom. I slammed the door in front of Liam and retched in to the toilet.

"Zayn...?" I got up weakly and open the door. "Thanks," I said shortly and grabbed the clothes Liam was holding outstretched.

"You look terrible." A small grin was creeping at the corners of his mouth. "Why'd you party so hard last night? Huh, it was Perrie wasn't it?"

"Well, you see oh superior- one who does not drink, I didn't expect to be woken up at 7 thirty in the morning," I growled and shut the door in his face again.

"Lobby, 15 minutes." My hotel door slammed shut. Good morning to you too, Liam.


I threw up again, then took a shower. In the mirror I could clearly see the effect of last night. My eyes had huge bags under them, and my hair was all flat on one side, like I had fallen. Which there was a high probability that I had, considering I was so cocked I couldn't remember falling asleep. I got dressed and gave up miserably on my look. I felt like i had been steamrolled. Yeah, by drinks that is.

"Oh he's made it," said Lou irritably. Ah Lou, he sounded alert. Guess who didn't drink too much either last night?

"Yeah, yeah... are we going?"

"Yes," Liam said, checking his watch. Harry and Niall came sprinting out of the elevator looking nearly has hungover as I was. I stared blankly at everyone, and we waited around. I just wanted to have a few more hours of sleep....

"Zayn, we are leaving," A sharp voice directed. I jolted up and saw Simon glaring down at me, Harry and Niall.

In the limo an uncomfortable silence was upon us, broken by the sounds of Niall's groans. Ahh the beauty of alcohol poisoning.

Simon started up briskly and i perked up. Because usually he doesn't come meeting at our hotel with a limo at 8 in the morning.

"- at the concert last night, it was discovered to have been a-"

His interminably boring words got lost on me as a listen to the screaming fans outside the car. There yelling sounded unusually angry today, compared to the bubly sound of fangirls.

"Bloody Murder!" Were the word I picked out of spectator.


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