Watch Out Behind You

Just a thought.
One Direction has just played their biggest gig. Ever.
And a most terrible crime has just happened, under their bright lights.Never?
A who-done-it story, with a city under the lime light.

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3. An Awkward Place

Niall's pov

The after party, man that was where it was at. Loud and fueled. Perfect. By now though, any place there with alcohol would do it. I was plastered; I could feel it running and mixing with my blood. I felt oddly lighter. Comfortable even.

I knew I was not to drink too much tonight. I was so called 'underage' to enjoy a pint or two here. Liam would be boiling tomorrow morning. I could already feel the storm brewing.

But the one thing I had accomplished tonight was... no, not playing a sold- out M.S.G. concert. I realized tonight I was the spiteful, green- with- envy single guy of the group. It finally hit me full force now.

I used to laugh with Harry about (hashtag) #Payzer, and gleefully shout to the world how lucky we were not having to deal with such drama as that. But just look now.

#Haylor is already forming. Harry was dancing with her crazily and Taylor just danced back laughing, so not caring how many pictures were going to be leaked tomorrow.

Liam and Dani were cute. He was a lost puppy without her.But did I really want that twitter hellfire constantly hanging over my head of Did she or Didn't she?!

No. I just wanted to feel included again. Completely and fully. Not like a 3 rd, or 5th, or 9th wheel even. Because it sucks. It really does.

I drank some more burning liquor, and finding the feeling it was giving me was not unenjoyable.

"Oi, Nialler!" Harry called over. That bastard; trying to imitate a drunken Irish persons' accent.

"You had better shut your mouth, eh Styles!" I called back, just blatantly not caring about feeding into the stereotype. The party roared on it's merry way.

I realized the alcohol that I was now pouring down my throat made the buzz from M.S.G. last longer and seem brighter. The lights seemed to move in the room, and the people.... Why were they crooked? I smiled, it was just like the soft glow the moving crowd after the fireworks. So pretty.

I shook my head now and made the conscious decision to join the party and stop wallowing in my own self pity. Pfft, single I was (damn proud, too) and ladies here I come. I chuckled stupidly at my little joke.

It worked though. I had all night to enjoy myself. I was in New York.

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