Watch Out Behind You

Just a thought.
One Direction has just played their biggest gig. Ever.
And a most terrible crime has just happened, under their bright lights.Never?
A who-done-it story, with a city under the lime light.

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I'm done now... Bye!!


2. An Adrenaline Filled Place

Harrys pov

It was almost over. My heart was beating wildly matching the bass drums' pattern. Any minute now fire works would erupt into the night, causing the chorus of Oohs and Ahhs. Lou would then promptly jump in my arms in fright causing a ripple of laughter through the screaming fans.

I think at some points this was all too structured. A little change was good, a variant slightly eccentric would get a bigger reaction. Right on cue, Niall does his rock star jump across stage, as Zayn pulls him up. This is just a precursor to What makes you Beautiful. Make the fans nostalgic: we pull suspenders on Lou and a varsity jacket on Zayn.

The song never seems to end and time turns really slow. My head pounds as I bellow out the last line. "Thats what makes you beautiful!"

The boom of fireworks is heard a split second after the gold and blue sparkles fly up into the air. I love that part: it rocks the stage. The confetti rains as hands reach up to grab it.

By now I can feel my self grinning like an idiot, too overwhelmed to do anything about it as the crowd gives a predicted reaction.

I spot Lou start to run towards me and i prepare my legs for his weight. His face looks panicked? I smile out of the corner of my mouth and i see his face relax as he leaps.

The mass in front of me looks blurred, like only jumping glow sticks. They all move as one, laughing as one, as Liam shouts good night, and then it hits me. My show is done and over. I wave out my exit, trying to remember this moment as I scan the crowd proudly.

Our night is over, in this huge place, huge city.

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