Watch Out Behind You

Just a thought.
One Direction has just played their biggest gig. Ever.
And a most terrible crime has just happened, under their bright lights.Never?
A who-done-it story, with a city under the lime light.

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I'm done now... Bye!!


1. A Littered Plaace

Madison Square Garden was big. They could all feel it. An unnatural hush settled over back stage in the minutes leading up to the show, opposed to the usual last minute bustle. But tonight there was none. No one out of place, no one scrambling for a last minute sound check. They had rehearsed this too many times for any thing to be wrong now, it just couldn't.

It was time. A quick kiss on the girls cheek was all the time as they were rushed out. the crowds roar increased.

The Mr.X scandal, the Larry storm and the fan craziness over  the past few weeks, would melt off them as they ran onto the stage, mics in hand. None of that would matter, and none of it could possibly affect them now, as they waved to the 50,000 -plus people screaming.

"Hello, NEW YORK CITY!!!" The crowd went wild.


A few hours, later, the rush was over. Glow sticks, dead, littered the seats, the rows upon  rows of them. Drink cups every where,. still half filled with a sticky soda.A few tittering girls, hung around, still hyper ventilating. They were to be escorted out soon. The cleaning crew was coming around, picking the mess up by hand. The stage crew was ripping down the set, that for a few hours at least, held the top of the charts. Everyone had been on their feet, yelling screaming, throwing things. However the place was dark now. No one was clapping any longer, their cause for excitement long gone.

One person did not leave at all, though. Their eyes closed, resting back  on the uncomfortable seat. How can one fall asleep at a concert, the crew wondered.

"Miss, please, you must wake up. the show... ma'am the show is over." They tried to wake her up, gently poking and prodding. One tried to move her head around a bit. He quickly withdrew his hand, finger tips covered in a warm dark substance.

A scream pierces the air, and fades into the city atmosphere.

Something terrible has happened here tonight.

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