Summer Love

Anita and her three best friends are going to London for a best friend trip over the summer! Little did they know that they would run into One Direction ;) Read the book to find out whats in store :)


1. Introduction...sorta ;)

Anitas P.O.V

I am just your average teenage girl. I am 17, I live in Sacremento, California with my Dad. You are probably wondering where my mother is in all ofthis. Well, my mother past away five years ago due to breast cancer. But, I have my three best friends Meghan, Ezri and Christina to get me through the hard times when I miss my mother. I have brown curly hair (medium length) with brown eyes and my friend Meghan calls me Cub. It is the end of my Junior year and my friends and I really wanted to go to London to see the tourist attractions. I wash my curly hair and put on this . I only put a little bit of makeup on because we are going to the airport. I put on my mascara and foundation with some light pink lip gloss and blush. I head downstairs to eat my breakfast waiting for Meghan, Ezri, and Christina tocome pick me up.

Ezris P.O.V

As you may know by now I'm Ezri. I am a brunette with chocolate eyes and have a really lovable and funny personality. I have been friends with Anita and the girls for about 13 years now. She is like my sister now. I text Meghan to see what I should wear so I obey her and put on this outfit

Christinas P.O.V

I'm Christina. I have browish-aburnish hair and is 17 years old just like the rest of the girls. I love to sing and dance. My dance buddy is Anita. We always go to dance class and teach kids. I really do enjoy being a choreographer because you get to express yourself in so many ways and it is so inspirational. I hear a knock at my door and walk downstairs. Meghan is waiting there for me with Ezri. "Let's go Christina, we gotta go pick up Anita" Meghan says as she enters my home. "okey-dokey" I reply as I run upstairs and get changed into this I put on some baby blue eyeshadow with mascara, foundation, and blush and head out the door with my suitcase.


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