In the shadows

Alicia thinks she has it all until she meets Tyler the new boy but as she falls more in love with him cracks begins to show is he all what he seems or is there something dark hidden under his perfect smile.


4. Forgiveness

Alicia stood in the window her long black curls her surrounding her like a cloak her green eyes glistened in the sun, a tall boy walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. Alicia turned her head and looked into his eyes a small smile appeared on her face it was like she was telling him i love you without speaking.

A single blue humming bird flew up to the window and started humming a sweet melody the sound echoed throughout the room filling it with single sweet notes one after another spinning around Alicia head becoming louder and louder and second until it stopped and everything fell to the floor, and she was left standing in a white room by a window alone her white dress floating in the breeze. Alicia bent down to pick up a lily flower left on the floor it petals moving in the breeze as she cradled it in her hands stroking the petals like she was stroking a kitten's fur.

"Mitchell why do i have to stay in the room? Why can't i go outside and feel the wind against my face and the sun against my skin? Why can't i stroll through the meadows." Alicia turned to face him her green eyes searching his trying to uncover the many secrets clouding him.

Mitchell turned to face Alicia holding her hands close to his chest and leaning in to whisper into her ear holding her hands tighter and tighter "Why are you asking you have everything here, why change this do you not appreciate what i have given you"

"Please, your hurting me. Mitchell stop it." Alicia half cried half pleaded into his chest. "Of course I appreciate everything that you have given to me. Just please let me go"

"Of course my little sweetheart anything for my angel, all you had to do was just say please" as he released her wrist Alicia turned her back to him and walked over towards the window.

"How DARE YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME" Mitchell roared at her grabbing her elbow and pushing her to the floor "I was talking to you"

"Mitchell please your hurting me" Alicia whimpered "Just let go off me i'm sorry"

Mitchell released Alicia's wrist and strolled to the window as he gazed out of the window he murmured something under his breath before producing a key from his pocket and unlocking the window, and as the air swirled into the room lifting paper from tables and making it dance in the breeze. Suddenly he pulled the window to a close with a BANG the paper dropped to the floor 

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