In the shadows

Alicia thinks she has it all until she meets Tyler the new boy but as she falls more in love with him cracks begins to show is he all what he seems or is there something dark hidden under his perfect smile.


1. Him

Alicia Hart walked out of school, it was a warm summers day. She had her whole life ahead of her but it wasn't the freedom and the partying that was on her mind it was him. Or to be more precise Tyler the new boy, with his dark brown hair falling above his eyes in such a way it was almost like he was from heaven. She could see him now standing in the courtyard surrounded by girls swooning over him, among then Skyler Evans the girl every girl wanted to be and every boy wanted to have. Alicia looked away how could he ever be interested with her against a girl like Skyler.

Even after that night where they had meet at a friends party how he had kissed her and held her like no one else mattered but he was proberly drunk. And the worse thing was he didnt even know her name. Oh how she wished she could live in that moment for the rest of her life it was like for the first time in her life that she was actually wanted.

"Alicia, Alicia wait up" A small girl  shouted from accross the road, as the girl picked up her bag she ran straight accross the road "sorry" she held up her hand as a car came out of know where and braked suddenly nearly hitting her.

"Colette sometimes i really wonder how your still alive that car could of hit you" Alicia smiled whilst shaking her head. She let out a peel of laughter as colette stumbled over a pile of rocks and feel to the ground. "really you have to be more carful you've walked straight up to them thats the sixth no wait seventh time you've done that this week!

"Sorry i wasnt concentracing as was trying to remember the states of America in alaphbeticle order um let me think Albaina Argentina no Argentina isn't even in America i'm never going to pass my test like ever" Colette looked at Alicia and frowned "Alicia are you even listening to me i said im never gonna pass my test. Your to interested in that Tyler boy then your own friend" Colette let out a disgruntled grunt and folded her arms. "You don't even care"

"Colette i do care its just been so long since i've had someone" Alicia looked at Colette and smiled so the smile reached her eyes and tears sprung from her eyes falling on to the ground one by one. "Come on lets just go" Alcicia grabbed Colette's and started pulling her over to the nearby bench "come on stop being such a slow poke"

"Alicia can we sit down i need to talk to you" Coltte sat on the bench and looked nervous "Alicia he’s dangerous. There’s something about him that I don’t like it’s whenever I walk past him he makes me shiver it almost makes me feel like he’s not there but then I look again and he is” Charlie spoke in a calming voice “Alicia I know it’s hard to face but he’s dangerous stay away from him please for your sake.”

Alicia pulled her hands back and stood up slowly and pointed at Charlie her hand shaking “How dare you speak like that about Tyler he’s an angel your just. Your just jealous.” Alicia spoke in barely a whisper. “I hate you don’t ever speak to me again!”

"Alicia im sorry" Colette shouted

Alicia grabbed her bag and ran straight to the corner where Tyler was sitting

“ Are you ok” Tyler asked Alicia who was now sobbing by the tree on the bench holding her bag like pillow.

“Do I look it” Alicia replied sarcastically before looking up “I’m so sorry I, I, I shouldn’t have said that” Alicia burst into tears again. Tyler sat on the bench next to Alicia and lifted her head into his hands and pulled her head close to his, he wiped the tears with his thumb

“Hey, it’s ok everyone makes mistakes” He pulled her closer and leaned over to her their heads met. Alicia looked up and Tyler looked down their lips meet and it was almost like no one else was in the room they were on the own fireworks in the distance.

They pulled apart, and he asked “Was that better.” Alicia looked into his eyes and smiled a smile she had not smiled in a long time it was happiness. She leaned over and laid her head on his shoulder he fit perfectly like the missing puzzle piece, Tyler kissed the top of her head and then lifted her head and looked into her eyes. “Alicia you are beautiful don’t ever change” and with that he stood up leaned over kissed her on her forehead and walked away, leaving Alicia stunned.




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