Holly, an 18 year old girl, gets beaten up by her father. One night, her father throws her out in the road and she wakes up to someone standing above her. Who could it be? She falls in love with him and they eventually start dating.


4. He's crazy

Holly's POV: 

"Do you need help getting up?" 

"Yes, please." I remained quiet and still until he reached his hand out to me. I grabbed onto it and pulled myself up. "Why are you here anyways?' he asked me. "I ran away from home."

"You what? Are you crazy?!"

"No, my dad was crazy. I ran away from him." I rolled my eyes.

"What happened?" 

"I'm not going to tell a complete stranger." I looked at him then suddenly burst into tears. "Shhhh. Its going to be alright." 

"No, it isnt though. What if he finds me? I'm going to be dead!"



Hey guys, I'm new to this website. If you have any suggestions to make just comment below! Thanks! (:

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