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4. ways to get kicked out of a mall and this is what friendship is all about!

We last left off where i was stuck in a change room joy!

my p.o.v

                  so i'm locked in here. got it. i need to escape. got it. so i'll umm i'll get kicked out of the mall! great now let's see clothing store, change room, clothes and me. i got it! so first i need to unlock this door! umm let's see... i know! now i just need the sucker. oh look here comes a customer perfect!

"hey person can you unlock this it accidentally locked please!" i yell to the lady. she turns to me then comes and unlocks the door.

"next time you should be more careful," the lady says as she walks away. OK step 1 done now for part 2. OK now to find a rack to hide in! let's see pants. no to normal. shirts. to short. coats. perfect! i slowly make my way to the coat rack avoiding everyone. OK now to hide and wait.

~@ 5 minutes later@~

             wow this is boring. some one come so i can get kicked out of this store then the mall! wait some one is coming but i can't tell stupid coats! oh well time to get kicked out! as they started to browse i grab their wrist and pulled them in.

"welcome to narnia i'm Mr.Thomas!" i yell to the person i grabbed i can't tell who i grabbed because of the coats but i figured out. sadly. i figured it out by being grabbed by the collar a being drag out by red for scaring the crud out of N.Italy. oops that wasn't at all the plan. now i am so dead!

"what the fuck is wrong with you lib! why would you scare the crap out of Italy!" red yells at me.

"hey! you know i wouldn't't do that! i was waiting for a semi normal person to come past there!" i yell back to red.

" well maybe you should have looked before scaring him that bad!" she yells so loud that any one within 50 feet turned to look at us.

"yes because i can see through coats yup totally can!" i yell with so much sarcasm that red looks like she wants to kill me the revive me then kill me again. OK now i have done it everyone is so dead!


" SHUT UP! YOU TWO!" he screamed pointing at me and red who still had my collar griped tightly in her fist. "YOU TO ARE KICKED OUT OF THIS MALL FOREVER!" he yells at us. he then get two guards to take us out side. red struggled against the guard that held her. well i on the other hand just let the guard take me away and throw me out in to the winter air.

"what the heck liberty! why would you do that!" ginger screams at me.

" well i want to get kicked out and it worked. also want to get something to eat?"i ask.

" one why did you want to get kicked out and second do yo even have to ask?" red says.

"one really look at who your talking to second good point," i say.

"good point and to a food place!" i yell and with that we ran to the nearest food place.

~@ 15 minutes later@~

           me and gingey are so dead i mean like seriously! one we are lost in where ever the fuck this is and second we don't have an sensible person except we red's mad but i'm not going there. so we are so dead! luck must hate us alot today because we ran in to our friends! now people this is why we don't piss of insane people they like to kill people!

"YOU TWO ARE SO DEAD!!!!" screams Abby.

"FUCK RED LET'S GO! NOW!" i scream running as fast as i can.

"GET BACK HER NOW!" yells Katie. shits getting serious! we ran as fast as we could until we ran into umm how do i put this very unhappy countries. shit we are going to need like the most epic distraction. oh wait i'm the distraction. but how to distract... i got nothing! no oh well i might as well get my best excuse going on!

"YOU TWO ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!" screams most of them. me and little red look at each other then shout.

"we blame the side walk! it spoke to us!" we scream like the insane crazy people we are.

"really that's the best you got?" Kaitlyn asks.

"hey if magic is real then our excuse is real so shut it!" i say looking at the side walk.

"..." was the only reply.

" well anyways we better get going to whoever we are living with!~" i say happliy.

"umm lib we still don't know who we are living with," says alison.

" ok so let's decied and get going!~" i say.


all done enjoy my speacialness

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