just another story

title also cursing


2. just another chapter

second chapter!~ awesome now back to the story!~

my p.o.v

"OK we are living with-" i started the stopped to looked at the name. then i looked at my friends with the one expression that tells them i'm sorry.

" who is it?" asks Alison.

" er... ummm.... we.. errrr," i try to say. the eyelish got up and looked where i was pointing. she then walked up to katlyn. who then screamed,

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! why!?" it then got passed around until.

" no way! never no not happening i refuse to go you can't make me!" screams red.

"kealin-," i say.

" no i will not go!" she continues screaming.

"GINGER! SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" i scream as loud as i can.

" now that you can hear me we have to go what else can we do we have already caused enough problems by being here!? what can we do we need to get home! and until we know how we got here what can we do!?" i yell loudly. everyone just stares at me.

"she does have a point," adds Alison.

"yeah she does," adds in eyelash. i just sit there looking at all of them. then i saw a string coming off red's shirt. next red was tackled to the ground with me playing with the string.

" ya string!" i say as i played around with the string. soon Katie came up behind me and grabbing my legs and pulling my away from gingey. (this actual happened) "let me go! stupid people! i wasn't doing any thing wrong! i blame ice cream!" yup that makes sense.

        so after we all calmed down we told them who we picked.

" we," red said.

"picked," eyelish continued.

"well," Alison continued.

"liberty," katlyn added.

"picked," Katie said.

"France," i finished.
          silence that's all that was in the room. seriously if you dropped paper you would here it land! then complete and udder yelling. i stood up from the ground where Katie put me. i then walked out the building to a library the was down the street. why there was a library down the street i will never know. i walked in to the library hoping to find a book or at least the place i'm in. good thing i found a sign. bad thing i can't read it. darn at least i know we're not in England, America, Canada an France i know this because i speak English and i have had to learn french for the past 4 years! so i entered the library.


at the meeting room kaelin's p.o.v

           everyone continued to yell. then i realised that the only person i would not want to loose missing liberty. there is only one reason why we don't loose liberty she is whay to clueless. like seriously she would trust anyone with food or a distracting object! we're all doomed well me and the other people if she gets hurt! mainly because her mom would be really fuckin angery.

"everyone just shut up!" i yell over top the noinse. then everyone shuts the fuck up. " we have a problem lib's missing!"

"wait what i thought she was over there," says katie. then everyone notices a note that has word thing on them. i say word things because it's in liberty languge or as we can it idoit speak.

"what languge is that," asks captian bushy brow- ugh i mean england liberty even got me calling him that.

"that would be idiot speak or as lib calls it languge," alison says.

"sadly none of us speak it..." adds eyelish. how she still is calm about this is a mystery.

" your friends with her yet you can't read the languge she wrote!" asks well yells a very pissed off german.

"it's not even read able we just pretend to know what it says!" i scream. i see no resemblance to him what so ever!

" so how do we find her?" asked katie. god i hate her but lib doesn't hate her so.... yah.

"we could text her," eyelilsh says. wait do our phones/ i pods work! please let them work i need music! we'll let's check! i pull out my i pod and.... IT WORKS! YES IT WORKS!

" my i pod works!" i yelled i'm so happy!

"the phones work to!" yells libby.

"ok that's gr- wait libby whened you get here!?" screams alison.

" um when one of you people said my word!" she yells. oh no poor personlast time some one used ehr claimed word she beat them up with a marshmellow. yes a marshmellow. oh well this will be epic!
"no one said your word!" says katie. darn she's ruining my enjoyment!

lib's p.o.v

"no one said your word!" says katie. liar!


"liar! i know some one did!" i yell.




"y-" i start but a hand is placed on my mouth. i turn to see abby!

ta da another chapter!

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