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title also cursing


1. i hate tuesdays

my p.o.v
                       hi let me go on record and say i did not plan this nor do i want to. oh you don't know me i'm liberty ( that's my real name get over it) or lib, libby, libby nib nibs, cat pancake or as my over onsesive hatalia friends know america. any ways i am 13 and i am completly crazy! i have light brown hair and pale green eyes with glasses of course. any ways back to the story! so heres what happened the night before on monday me and 5 of my friends had a anime party! but first my friends first kaelin she's a ginger we can her red, ginger, gingey, red head, dragon taco and k. her eyes are green, brown with a little blue. next alison she has dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes behind her glasses. now katie she has brown hair that looks blue black her eyes are a green with a blue under it and glasses. next up is katlyn she has blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. lastly is eyelish she has blonde hair with mellow and tired yet exitced blue eyes.now where was i oh yes we all love anime one we all loved was hetalia they decied i'm america, ginger's germany, katie's canada, alison's england, eyelish's greece, and katlyn's well she's the changer. so at some point we fuckin fell asleep.
when we woke up we where on a fuckin huge oval table like the ones in meetings. at first i thought the worst possible thought we where at a meeting! but no one was in the room so.were good next i freaked out over where my bag was! but i didn't get far into my cursing because 1 my freinds woke up 2 the doors opened! shit my worse nightmare the meeting was starting! WHY WHY!??!??- my thoughts were cut off by red yelling,

" who are you people!? and do i have to use libby on you!?"

" shouldn't we be asking you those questions?" said a voice that made me want to punch them.

"no you evil brit now explain!" i yelled raging at everyone. then there was silence. then laughing from everyone except my friends who slowly backed away.

"you know that we are the boss.of you right?" asked on of them and i didn't care i was pissed i took off my shoe and threw it as hard as i could hitting one of them right in the balls. all of them stoped laughing and stood there looking at the man on the ground. i walk over and got my shoe then walked back to my friends.

" that was awesome!" kaelin yells giving me a high five. once they all recovered from shock they asked who we were.

" i'm liberty-" i start but america cut me off.

" wait isn't that the name of the statue in my country?"

"yes anyways i'm liberty noble, this is-"

"hi i'm kaelin!"

"i'm alison"

"hey i'm eyelish"

"hey i'm katlyn"

"and i'm katie," they said cutting me off. but it didn't matter i was looking for my bag. i spotted it next to russia cool! so i walked up and took my bag.

"become one with mother russia, da?"

" nope your alredy the biggest country so i see no point but i'll be friends with you!" i said cheerfully. everyone just stops and stares as i say it like it was a every day topic.

"ok~" he agrees. i nod then look at everyone and smile pulling out one of my sketch books.

" so someone please explain!" i yell.

"we have no clue what happened," one of them say.

"ok so now what? where do we live and no we aren't splitting up liberty doesn't even know what sex is," katie declaires.

" what's sex?" i ask. (seriously i still don't know!) most start looking nervous while some have weird expresions on there faces.

"any ways we will go be your nationality" decides gremany. " so state your nationality!"

" k i'm canadain, americain, english, italian, black,native and french!~"i scream.

" i'm irish, scotish, german, canadain and english!" says ginger.

"i am dutch, french, canadian and english." says katie.

" i'm english and canadian." adds alison.

"i'm french and canadian." adds eyelish.

" and i am french, italian, candain and british!" adds katlyn.

"k where were you guys born? asks canada quitly.

" canada except me i was born in america!~" i shout happily.

" sweet on of my people!" yells a very hyper american.the descusion draged out until katie yelled.

"let's do a draw to see where we live,"


" so we are prizes now!?" i yell.

"idea let's just go by your drawings, just point to one randomly and there you go,.," eyelish says calmly. everyone looks at me then at the sketch book in me hand.

"the doodles aren't in here there in my other one duh!"i said. alison then comes over and stick out her hand. "
no thanks captian iggy brows i can do it my self!"

"you bloody american!" she yells chasing me.

"is that what we look like when we fight?" iggy and america ask.

"yup," replies everyone.
so finally we calmed down. i pulled out a sketch book that wad falling apart and had rips on it out.i flipped to a page that had little boxes with the countries name on top and drawings of the in the boxes. i put the book down. the countries leaned over to see the drawings.

" don't say a word," i said. i then started to move my finger around. when i stopped i looked then said.

"ok we are living with-"


done!~ so what you think leave a comment!~

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