That One Sunday

Rori Adams is crazy. Or everyone thinks she is. She says she has met ghosts. Eveeryone says they aren't real. But what happenes when the ghosts want revenge. It was all because of that one Sunday.


4. Chapter 3

We made it to school. "Do you have any of the same classes as me?" Anthony asked. I looked at his schedule. "Yeah. You actually have almost all of the same classes. I'm just in a higher math class" I said. Then I eflt a cool breeze. I froze. I heard a whisper. "Hi Rori. I need to talk to you" the quiet voice said, tickling my ear. Anthony had started  walking inside, as had everyone else. "Where should I meet you?" I asked to the emty air. "In the place where we first met" the voice said echoing to the distance. Anthony peered his head out the door. "Come on! You don't want to be late" he yelled. I ran to catch up.

We had a good day. It was fun to have someone to sit with at lunch and partner with at science. It was fun.

"Where are you going?" Anthony asked as I made my to the woods, after the bus dropped us off. "Ummm... it's where I like to study. I just have to clear out a place, then I'll come and get you. Let's say 10 minuets, tops" I said quickly. He nodded and entered his house.

I wandered through the woods. It took five minuets. "Hi" said a mature voice. "Jamie!" I exclaimed. "It's nice to see you kid" another voice said. "Grant!" I said with equal excitment. Then Hope and James came in. They were holding each others transparent hands. "Awww. Are you two dating?" I asked. They both nodded. I smiled. "There's somthing we need to talk about" Hope said. "What?" I questioned. "We've seen how they bully you" James said darkly. "They think your crazy" Grant said in the same tone. "We think you should be treated better" Hope said sinsterly. It stared getting dark and the wind picked up. "We want revenge and we will get it" Jamie said, her eyes white. In one bright flash they were gone.

I seemed to have forgotten one part of the story. Ghosts become attatched to there friends. So they became attached to me. I don't regret meeting them. I just regret them leaving. Or me telling every one. I told everyone about them that one Sunday

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