That One Sunday

Rori Adams is crazy. Or everyone thinks she is. She says she has met ghosts. Eveeryone says they aren't real. But what happenes when the ghosts want revenge. It was all because of that one Sunday.


3. Chapter 2

Turns out, he did have plans to sit next to Sara, but sat with me instead. We were just talking, until Sara butted in. "Hey Anthony. Why aren't you siting next to me?" she asked sweetly. I rolled my eyes. "I wanted to sit next to Rori. You two know each other, right?" he rambled. "Yes, I do know her" Sara said. I didn't say anything. Someone called Sara. "Bye" she said. She was trying to flirt with him! "Anthony, I'm sorry if this offends you, but... I hate Sara" I said. "That's OK" he reassured me. I looked at him. He smiled, so I smiled back. "But why?" he asked. "People think I'm crazy" I said. "I don't think you're crazy" he said. "You weren't here two years ago" I said. I remember it clearly.

Two Years Ago

I wandered for ages in the woods. My feet were tired and it was freezing. The snow crunched beneath my feet. I felt a unnaturally cold breeze flow by. I stopped in my tracks. I heard whispers. "Are you cold?" a strange voice called out. I jumped. "Who's there? Show yourself!" I yelled. "I asked first" the voice said. "Yes" I said flatly. Then a transparent figure appeared. I was about to scream. But the figure's eyes were kind. "Who are you?" I asked, marveling. "I'm Jamie. And you?" Jamie asked. I think she's a girl. "I am" she said. "Did I say that aloud?" I asked sheepishly. She nodded. "I'm Rori, age 13" I said. "How old are you?" I added. "Depends on which one you want to know. Age from when I died, 93. Age I died, 15" she said. My mouth gaped. "Oh, close your mouth" she said teasingly. "You guys! I've made a new friend!" she yelled to the woods behind her. Three other figures appeared. Two boys and a girl. "Nice to meet you" they said in a almost unison. "Nice to meet you, too" I said meekly. "Don't be afraid of us" the female said. I smiled. "What are your names?" I asked. "I'm James" the boy with longish hair said. "I'm Hope" the female said. "And I'm Grant" the other boy said. I smiled at them. They smiled back. We had the best Sunday ever. And the best year ever. But they had to go. I missed them.

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