Please Don't Leave Me [An Andrew Biersack Love Story]

Cassie doesn't really know anything about love but all she knows is she likes this guy at her school. Everyone wants to know who this mystery guy is. All the girls are talking about him saying "OMG, he is so emo." But I know deep inside he is amazing. And how do I know, you ask? It's just because I know. :) <3
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3. Time goes by fast when you truly like someone

(Cassie's P.O.V)

I kept on thinking about Andrew. I feel like I have seen him before but not in person on the telivision or something. I don't know where though. It's frustrating me. Urggh. "Ms. Cassie what are you doing walking? Run!" Mr. Barlow said running beside me. I wish Andrew was here to sweep me off my feet and go anywhere the-. "RUN!" He said again. Ugh. I'm about to get another detention or even suspention by punching this stupid bozo in the face. Well when me and Amber finally seen each other again we were both trying to catch our breath. "We are soo out of shape." Amber said taking a breath between each word. "I need to go to the gym more often." I said sitting down. "Ohh, for Alex or whatever that boys name is?" She questioned. "NO, and his name is Andrew or Andy for short." I said getting frustrated. "Sorry. It's just i'm-.." Amber said but didnt get the chance to finish because the bell rang. "Dang time is going by fast today." I said sadly. "Why do you sound sad.. Aren't you suppose to be happy to get out of school?" Amber asked. "Yea i guess. Anyways what were you trying to say earlier?' I said putting on my shoes. "Oh it was nothing. Just forget it. It's nothing." She said sounding like she was stalling. "Whatever you say." I said with a preppy voice. "Don't do that. You sound like that annoying girl Brigette, I think that's her name." She said almost falling from laughing soo much. "Well I got to go to math. ugh. I HATE, HATE, HATE math." I said, yelling a little. "Ok, chill you won't die." she said trying to act like my mum. "Ok, ok. Fine. Bye boo." I said walking near the lunch rooms where i seen Andy sneaking off near the road. Maybe I could find him here and hang out with him. When I finally got to the road I heard someone behind me whispering my name so I turned around and it was Andy. "Come on and hurry." He whispered. "Why are we whispering?" I asked whispering. "Because someone could catch us skipping school." He explained. He grabbed my hand and we walked across the street into the neighborhood that's right across the street from the school. I blushed a bit as I felt his warm hand touching mine. He looked at me when we finally went to what i'm guessing is his house. "Is this your house?" I asked. "Huh? Oh yea." He said. He unlocked the door and me and him went in and there were 4 guys sitting on a couch sitting with some girls. "Hey guys this is my friend Cassie." He said to the guys and girls. "Cassie this is Jeremy." Andy said pointing to a guy with spikey hair. "NO I'm Jinx.. Nice to meet you." Jinx said. "This is Ashley" Pointing to a guy with a black cowbot hat on. "Nice to meet you." He said smiling. "This is Christian." He said pointing to a guy with black lipstick on. "My nickname is CC and nice to meet you." CC said with an awkward smile. "And this is Jake." Andy finally said pointing to the last guy. "Well hi there." He said then walking away and came back handing me some apple juice. "Welcome!" Jake said. "Well me and you haven't really been introduced.. Want to go out in the back?" He asked with an adorable smile. "Sure." I said exited.

Sorry this one was soo long. c:

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