Please Don't Leave Me [An Andrew Biersack Love Story]

Cassie doesn't really know anything about love but all she knows is she likes this guy at her school. Everyone wants to know who this mystery guy is. All the girls are talking about him saying "OMG, he is so emo." But I know deep inside he is amazing. And how do I know, you ask? It's just because I know. :) <3
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5. Oh well.

I started walking towards the school when I realized I would get in trouble if a teacher seen me. So I starting walking back to his house and just sat on the front porch. Then some girl came out which I'm guessing is Juliet with a mad , sad look on her face. "Look what you did!" she said. "You made the worst mistake of your life , I will ruin you!" "I , I don't know what you're talking about." I said studdering. "Then go in there and ask your little boyfriend!" She said yelling. I walked in ignoring her and I seen Andy sitting there with his hands on his face. Everyone was yelling at him saying. "Why would you do this to her?" "She has your freaking name on her arm!" "Look now she is crying outside!" I said with a confused look on her face. "Did I do something wrong?" "No, Cassie.. I did something wrong." Andy said hesitating. "Cassie, follow me and I will explain." Ashley said as he was walking upstairs. "NO!" Andy said. But it was too late we were already up the steps. "So what happened?" I said. "Well Andy has. I mean had a girlfriend , and he cheated on her with you." He said looking away. "WHAT? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?" I said screaming. "I don't know usually Andy is the coolest and sweetest guys ever." He said. "Well I'm going to ask him then." I said walking out of the room. As I walked into where everyone was Andy was sitting by himself crying. "Why would you cheat on her?" I asked about to cry. "I , I wasn't thinking.. When I'm with you it's like I can't think straight." He said calming down. "Really?" I asked suprised. "Yes.. It's like I have known you forever." He said with a blank look on his face.

Sorry I haven't been updating.. Family issues.

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