Please Don't Leave Me [An Andrew Biersack Love Story]

Cassie doesn't really know anything about love but all she knows is she likes this guy at her school. Everyone wants to know who this mystery guy is. All the girls are talking about him saying "OMG, he is so emo." But I know deep inside he is amazing. And how do I know, you ask? It's just because I know. :) <3
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2. Of course.

(Cassie's P.O.V)

As I was walking to homeroom I seen mystery guy walking towards the road away from the school. I'm guessing he is going to skip class. When I knocked on the class door this really preppy girl came up to the door and said "You are late." With an evil smile. "I'm pretty sure I know that but thanks for trying to be bad." I said with a smirk. The teacher had pointed to the seat closest to his desk. "Next time you have an atitude with anyone here at school you will have detention!" He said. "Sir, She was late too." The preppy girl said giggling. "That's right. Thank you Brigette." The unknown teacher said putting a red detention form on my desk. "Ussually students try to not get detentions instead of trying to get them." He said getting smart. "Now class.. I am Mr. May." The teacher known as Mr. May said. After english class was over I had Gym. Uggh! I hate gym but at least I have it with Amber and hopefully mystery boy. ;D As I was walking to the gym i was attacked from behind. I looked behind to see who it was and it was Daniel! "OMG, Girl i haven't seen you in forevers!" Daniel said with a huge smile on his face. "You just seen me last week, remember we went to Kings Dominion together.." I said laughing. "Ohh, yea. Sorry I forgot." He said laughing along with me. Then Amber ran up to me and said "Did you see that really ugly guy yet?" "What does he look like?" I questioned. "Black hair, gray eyes, and in all black. He looks sooo emo. EWW." She said. "Whaaat? He is the most sexiest person alive!" I shouted at her giving her an evil look because she knows how i feel about people judging people by their looks. "Uhm, look behind you." She said awkwardly. I looked behind me and I had seen a familiar face. There he was mystery boy. "You think I'm sexy, huh?" He said winking at me. ;) I started to blush. "The bell rang and people were starting to go in the locker room. "Well, looks like I have to go." I said backing up toward the locker room. "Wait." He said. "What's your name?" "Cassie. And yours is?" I said.  "Andrew.. Or just Andy." He said with his deep, angeletic voice.

I hope this is a little better than the first one. c:

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