Break My Walls (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Natalia Reeds is mature. One Direction is immature. What would happen when they're put together and romance appears? ♥


2. The Blonde Angel

Each breath sent pain down my chest. Stepping was torture, killing my calves. My hands bounced the ball with precision as I neared the ring. Only a few more steps now... You could hear a pin drop as I leapt through the air towards the ring. I gripped the hoop as the ball sailed right through. Goal. "BEEEEEP!" The buzzer sounded. I shot the winning goal.

I'm lifted onto my team's shoulders as we chanted our song with the crowd.

"Who are, who are, who are we!?
We are the girls from the world's best team.
Shoot it, shoot it, shoot the ball,
Dribble it, pass it, and get that goal.
What do we do? Win!
How do we do it? Easy!

The crowd goes into a frenzy as the huge, silver cup is handed to me. I delicately take it in my hands, feeling the smooth surface. As I'm planted back on the ground, I notice a pair of crystal blue eyes staring at me from the stands. He smiles at me, showing me his braces when he noticed me looking. "He's hot.." I murmur, quickly looking away as the blush creeps up my cheeks.

Suddenly my best friend, Chloe Falvey, starts chatting to the mysteriously hot boy. I now notice his perfect blonde hair. Damn, he is stunning. Chloe starts running up to me, holding the blonde boy's hand. His eyes were beautiful, baby blue irises that sparkled in the light. I pretended not to notice him as Chloe talked to me. "Great game, huh?" she grinned. "36-35! You did a great job Natalia." Chloe said, lightly punching me in the arm. "Not as good as you, you were amazing!" I praised, nudging her back. A look of surprise appeared on her face. "Oh! I almost forgot! Natalia this is Niall Horan, Niall, this is Natalia Reeds!"

So that's what his name was. When he reached out to shake my hand, I couldn't help but stare as the ground and blush. Stupid me. "Nice to meet you babe!" he smiled at me, his eyes twinkling. His thick accent startled me. Irish, I think? I wasn't too good with accents and all that blah. "You too, Niall" I managed to get out. I couldn't help the butterflies in my stomach when he called babe. Since when were boys so... so nice?

After a second, Niall announced he was hungry and walked off in the direction of the cafeteria. "So how do you know him?" I asked Chloe as soon as Niall was out of earshot. I would defiantly like to see him more. "He's my long lost cousin or something" she replied with a giggle. "We only met last week, he's been in Ireland with his family." So he was Irish! I mentally high fived myself for getting that correct. That was a once in a lifetime moment. I almost chuckled out loud at my weirdness. Typical Natalia.

I saw Niall walking back towards us with 3 sodas in his hand. "Here" he says, chucking Chloe and I a can each. "Thanks" we both replied.

I soon heard my name being called from behind me. Turning around, I realised it was my mom. "Natalia! Come on! We have to go!" She cried, carrying my sleeping little sister, Piper. Her blonde curls were covering her little angelic face. I loved her with all my heart. I would take a bullet for her. "See you soon, and good job" I murmured to Chloe. I smiled politely at Niall, who winked back. I jogged up to mom and Piper, my stomach coming alive with butterflys. "Don't fall for him, Natalia." I mentally told myself. " Boys are jerks. He'll only break you like what happened last time." And with that, I was over Niall Horan.


HIYA GUYS ! thanks so much for reading ! ill update as soon as I can. Don't hurt me but.. 3 votes and ill put up the next chappie ? hehe thanks (; and whoop whoop! 24 reads!! now that's a surprise!

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