Break My Walls (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Natalia Reeds is mature. One Direction is immature. What would happen when they're put together and romance appears? ♥


1. Introduction!

Hey! I'm Natalia. Natalia Reeds. I'm 17, single, happy and living life.
I'm from the UK. I adore playing basketball and shopping with the amazingest people in the world; Chloe, Stacey, Julez and Courtney. Life would be incomplete without them! I have long, aqua hair that reaches my ass. Yep. It used to be brown but I needed a change! I go to college with the Chloe, Stacey, Courtney and Julez. With luck, we were all in the same classes. Oh yeeah. I'm 174cm tall and weigh 60kg. I guess I'm mature compared to me friends. I mean, they're so hypo. It's scary. Like a little kid, green cordial makes them go crazy. I still love them though! ♥

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