Before It's Too Late

Meet Isabella Milan, ex-girlfriend of Niall Horan. They got through the struggles, the fights and the tears, but tragedy strikes when he hears the secret she has to tell. Join them on their journey through love, heartbreak, tears and more, but the question is still unanswered - Will anything happen before it's too late?


4. Now and Then

(Isabella's POV)

        Niall has been staring into space for the last twenty minutes. What could he possibly be thinking about? The band...His life...Mia? Just thinking about Niall with Mia made my heart ache.   He left me when I needed him most and fell in love with another girl! Now he's sitting by my feet, begging me to listen when the damage has already been done!

      I was going to die. I knew it, but the pain is only getting worse with Niall by my side. It brings back too many painful memories.

     I grabbed the bag of chips from my side table that Niall must've left. I dug into the bag and took out a chip, chucking it at Niall's face. He jumped and blinked a couple times. His eyes traveled to the bag of chips in my hand and he immediately snatched it out of my hand. 

     "Do you know what these will do to your body? You're already in a fragile position!" He panicked, throwing the bag of chips at the ground.

     I threw my arms up in defense, "Well, how else was I supposed to get you out of your trance? It's the only thing I could see!"

    Niall frowned and looked down at the bed, then back at me. "I'm sorry for freaking out at you like that. I've been stuck in my thoughts for a while...You know?"

    I rolled my eyes, "No, I don't know. I'm not you and I can't read minds." Niall's face fell at my sarcastic comment. I sighed and ran my fingers through my brown hair. "I'm sorry, Niall. I didn't mean to be so rude with you, okay? Do you want to talk about it?"

    He nodded and moved his chair closer to the side of my bed. He bit his lip and looked into my eyes. "You promise you won't scream at me?"

    I pursed my lips together and took a deep breath. "I can try."

   "I was thinking about the night after we met when I first texted you. I was absolutely terrified that you'd turn me down. Then when I finally texted you, we kept texting back and forth until you asked me to go to that fair with you..." He trailed off.

    I could feel a small smile creep onto my face. "Our first date." I whispered.

   Niall looked at me in surprise and nodded. "Yeah, our first date. I remember every single detail."

   "I do too." I replied. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the memory of that night...

~~~> Memory <~~~

   A grin spread across my face as I saw him run out the door. He had a wide smile on his face. He was so attractive and an amazing singer too.

  He sat inside my car and looked over at me. "Thanks for inviting me to come out tonight.

 "Of course." I smiled, "Shall we go on?"

  Niall nodded eagerly like a small child on Christmas, waiting to open a present. 

   I giggled to myself before driving towards the location of the fair. From the corner of my eye, I could see Niall staring at me. I smiled and shook my head. "Is it okay if I turn on the music?" I asked him. He nodded. I turned on the radio and the song "I Gotta Feeling" blasted through my car. 

   I found myself bobbing my head to the beat and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel. "That tonight's gonna be a good night!" I sang loudly. One of my hands flew to my mouth in embarrassment while my other hand was on the steering wheel. I quickly glanced at Niall who had an amused look on his face. "I didn't sound that terrible, did I?"

   He shook his head and laughed, "Not at all. You're actually pretty good." A smile spread across his face, "You're practically Simon Cowell's daughter...Is there any reason why you aren't a worldwide superstar by now?" Niall asked me. 

  "I don't really want to pursue a music career. It would be cool, but it's not really my thing." I answered, keeping my eyes on the road, taking an occasional glance at Niall. 

  "Well, you should, but I can see where you're coming from. What is your thing then?"

 "Full of questions, are we?" I asked him sarcastically. "Well, I really wanted to become a doctor or something like that, but my parents want me to pursue something like singing, acting, dancing or modelling. I can't exactly bring myself to that, you know what I mean?"

 "Have you ever tried dancing, acting or modelling? I'm not going to ask about singing because I already know how great you are."

  "Dancing or modelling seems cool. Maybe I'll try it out." I smiled. He was right. I've never tried modelling or dancing or even acting...It would be a great experience. "Oh...It looks like we're here." I told him, pointing at the colorful rides. I parked my car and got out. I looked at my reflection in the window and straightened out my shirt and flattened down my hair. I locked the car and looked at Niall. "You ready to head in?" 

   "Are you sure people won't notice us? I mean, not trying to sound cocky, but One Direction is gaining quite the fanbase."  

    I shrugged. "It's fine. I'm pretty sure your fans are sweet and wouldn't mind leaving us alone for a while." Right? They had a growing fanbase, but their fans weren't going to bother us at all.

   "I guess. It's just hard getting used to it, you know? I used to be able to walk into a shop and have no one notice me, but now, I'm noticed wherever I go."

   "I understand, Niall. There's nothing to worry about, okay?" I asked him. He still looked unsure. I reached over and grabbed his hand. "It's going to be fine. We're here to have fun, remember?" He looked down at our hands and blushed. "Now, are you ready?" 

   "I'm ready." He smiled. We walked into the fair and walked around, looking for a game to play or something to do. "You're not scared of heights, are you?" Niall asked me. 

   I shook my head, "Are you crazy? No way." I answered. A smile spread across Niall's face. I followed his gaze and my eyes fell across one of those boat rides that go really high. I grinned and pulled Niall towards the ride.

   We waited in line without any interruptions or fans asking for anything from him. It was quite peaceful, actually. We were about to walk through the gates to get onto the ride when the ride operator stopped us. "Wait a second...Aren't you Niall from One Direction? My teenage daughter is in love with you...Literally." 

   Niall smiled, "I'm glad she loves our band and could you tell her that I said thanks for the support?" The ride operator nodded. She motioned for us to go through the gate and get on the ride. "Separate sides?" Niall asked me.

   "Hell yeah." I answered, running towards one of the benches. I sat at the back which went the highest into the air and Niall sat at the opposite side. When we were both locked in, we both kept each others gaze as the ride started. 

   As the ride went higher and higher, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. They weren't just from the ride, but from the look on Niall's face as we kept our eyes on each other. 

   When the ride stopped, Niall and I walked through the fair once more, stopping every once and a while to speak to some fans, but that was alright. "Niall, look!" I exclaimed, pointing at a cotton candy stand. "I love cotton candy!"

   Niall smiled widely, "Let's go get some, then. I love cotton candy too!" We ran towards the cotton candy stand like little kids. The girl who stood at the stand looked bored as she stared down at her phone, snapping her gum annoyingly. Niall coughed to get her attention and when he did, she put her phone down and started twirling her hair between her fingers.

  She fluttered her lashes and smiled at him flirtatiously. "What can I get you?" She purred.

  I turned my head around  away from her and started to gag sarcastically. Who does she think she is? I turned back to face her and put a fake smile on my face. "It's more like, what can I get you?" I asked her, putting emphasis on the 'you'. "How about some dignity?"

  She stopped staring at Niall, who was silent this whole time, watching us cautiously. Her eyes snapped at me and she narrowed them, pursing her lips together. "Excuse me, but I wasn't talking to you, bitch, so back off.

   I scoffed and crossed my arms under my chest, narrowing my eyes back at her. "Yeah, but you were talking to my date, so why don't you back off?

  "I honestly doubt he would date you." She paused, looking at Niall, "I mean, you're just so ugly and you have curves in all the wrong places. Have you ever considered a fat reduction?

  I was about to reply when Niall did for me. "Who do you think you are? Insulting my date? She's far more prettier than you and for your information, she has curves in all the right places. You know what you need? An attitude makeover and maybe some food. No guy would like to flirt or date a twig."

  My eyes widened as a small giggle came out from my lips. The girl whimpered and looked down. "I'm...I'm sorry, what...What can I get you?" Her voice faltered.

  "One cotton candy for my date and I." Niall answered sharply.

  "Okay...I'm really sorry and it's on the house...Here." She replied, handing us a large bag with blue and pink cotton candy in it. Niall smiled and without saying anything, we turned around and walked away.

   "Thanks for that, Niall." 

  "No problem, Bella." He smiled. Nobody ever really called me Bella, but I liked it when he called me it. I liked the sound of his voice when he said it. "So, what do you think? Ferris Wheel and we eat our cotton candy?" 

   I nodded, a smile tugging at my lips, "I'd like that." 

  We walked towards the Ferris Wheel and the guy operating smiled at us as we handed him our last two ride tickets. "Enjoy your ride."

   "Thank you." I chimed in happily. He nodded and Niall and I got into one of the carts. 

   As the ride started, I looked over at Niall who was already staring at me. "Are you scared of heights?" He asked me.

  I shook my head, "I love heights and I love rides. They are so much fun and I love the feeling of butterflies in my stomach."

  "It depends on the ride for me, but it seems to me that you're a thrill seeker. If the lads and I ever become famous or win the X Factor, I promise to take you to the best theme park in the world and we'll go on all the rides together, deal?"

  I smiled, "Deal."

 "You're really pretty when you smile, 'ya know?" I could feel my cheeks turn red, "And when you blush too."

  "I think your laugh is absolutely adorable." I replied. This time, I could see Niall's cheeks turn red even though it was night. The lights brightened everything, so we could clearly see each other.

   "How do you know what my laugh sounds like?" He asked me. 

  "I've watched your video diaries. You guys are so funny, you know that? All of you could keep someone entertained for hours. And when I heard your laugh, I couldn't help, but laugh because your laugh is sometimes funnier than the joke.

    "I'm glad you watch our video diaries. Do you think I'll see you at the live show tomorrow?

    "I think I have too. Simon makes me go to all of them, but I enjoy it. So far, I'm enjoying Cher Lloyd and Aiden Grimshaw, but of course, One Direction is my favorite." I replied, biting into a cotton candy piece. Cotton candy is like the definition of food perfection. "I hope you guys win."

    "I do too." He whispered.

    I  looked out and enjoyed the view we got from being on the Ferris Wheel. We started moving up towards the top and stopped at the very top. I started getting butterflies from being so high. I loved it!

    "Hey, Niall."

    "Yeah?" He asked me, turning his head to look at me.

    "Thanks for coming out with me."

    "No problem, love." He smiled, "Thanks for asking because honestly, I would be too scared to ask you out."


     "Because you look like someone who would have boys falling at her feet and I didn't think I'd have a chance. I mean, you're Isabella Milan and I'm just me, Niall Horan, a boy from a small town in Ireland-" I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. When I pulled away, I smiled and  snuggled closer to him. "What was that for?" He asked me dreamily.

    "I wanted you to shut up." I answered, "Plus, I really like you and I think you're stupid for thinking you wouldn't have a chance."

    He put his arm around me and rested his head on mine. Just then, fireworks started popping in the sky. Did I mention I love fireworks too.

Authors Note: I really hope you guys like it so far. I'm sorry if sometimes it looks a bit messed up. I'm still getting used to Movellas because I'm a Wattpad girl and I decided to try Movellas out. My Wattpad username is Izzyy007 if you ever want to check it out. Also, if you want, you can follow me on Twitter @IsabellaHoran13  







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