Before It's Too Late

Meet Isabella Milan, ex-girlfriend of Niall Horan. They got through the struggles, the fights and the tears, but tragedy strikes when he hears the secret she has to tell. Join them on their journey through love, heartbreak, tears and more, but the question is still unanswered - Will anything happen before it's too late?


2. Now And Then

(Niall's POV)

I could see the tears threatening to fall from her eyes.  

"Just leave...Please." She whispered, lowering her eyes away from mine. I couldn't stand to see her like this, but I couldn't leave her. Not yet.

"No." I replied, "No, I will not leave because you won't hear me out. You won't hear my side of the story. You don't understand and you never will unless you hear me out, okay?"

"Niall, I'm tired. I'm not just tired as in sleepy tired, but tired as in tired. I'm tired of fighting you and everyone else...I'm tired of fighting this battle I'm destined to lose. I was meant to die, Niall. Why can't you understand that?"

"Because you were my princess. Mia was never my princess...She was just my girlfriend, but not my princess. That spot was already taken by you and she couldn't replace it. I can understand that you want me to leave and never come back, but I won't do it." I stated confidently, "Isabella, I am so sorry. I'm sorry that I ever left you and I'm so sorry that I met someone else. I'm sorry that I made you hurt inside, but you will never know the pain you caused me."

"Niall, just stop. Go home. Apologize to Mia and marry her because she deserves that. She deserves to feel loved...Because you loved her, right? You loved her enough to want to marry her and now you're here...With me in a hospital, watching me cling to life, but all you're doing is making it worse. Being around you is toxic to me. Every time I look at you, a piece of me dies inside. Not from the cancer, but from you. I'm constantly reminded of the fact that you left me...That you left us. Please don't do the same to Mia. She doesn't deserve that."

"She's not you." I whispered.

Hurt flashed through her eyes as she looked up at me. "I can't do this, Niall. I really can't.   You tell me that it's me, but I know deep inside that it's not. Stop lying to yourself, Niall."

Her words stuck my heart like a powerful force, but I still knew I couldn't leave. "Just listen to me, okay? Please." I pleaded. 

"Fine. I'll listen." 

"I'll save my apologies for later, okay?" She nodded, "Do you remember how we met?" I asked her. She nodded again, looking at me skeptically. 

"Where is this going?" She asked me. I brought my finger to my lips, quieting her. She rolled her beautiful, hazel eyes before getting comfortable on her hospital bed.

"I remember it like it was yesterday..."


It was a couple weeks after the Judge's House and the lads and I were sitting on the leather couches, talking to Matt and Aiden about something we saw on the internet. I was going over lyrics in my head, when the sound of a girl's giggles reached my ears. 

Two girls who looked to be about my age or a year older walked into the room, laughing uncontrollably about something. The tall one had curly, brown hair that reached to the bottom of her back and blue eyes like mine except lighter. The other one who was slightly shorter had straight, dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

"I can't believe your cousin actually fell for that." The shorter one laughed, trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard.

"He needs to face the fact that you're WAY out of his league. I mean, he's two years older than you. Does an eighteen year old really think that a sixteen - almost seventeen year old would date him? Well, the age isn't really a difference, but you're pretty and he's...Ugh." The taller one replied, scrunching her nose in disgust. 

"He's not that ugly, Rachel. You're only saying that because he's your cousin. I think he's pretty cute." The shorter one smiled. Such a gorgeous smile...

"If you think that guys who spend almost the whole day playing COD is attractive, there is something wrong with you. I like the sporty type, not the gamer type-"

"Niall...Niall! Niall, hello?" Liam kept poking me to get my attention. My eyes snapped away from the two girls and towards Liam and the boys. "Have you been eyeing those two girls the whole time?"

I smiled sheepishly, "Maybe?"

"Okay, which one is it?" Liam asked. My eyes traveled to the shorter one, who was now leaning on the counter, texting on her cellphone.  

"The shorter one." I answered, looking down at my fingers. "What do you think? Should I talk to her or is she out of my league?

"Niall...Do you know who that is?" Liam asked me. I shook my head. "That's Isabella Milan and the other one is Rachel Fiori."

"So, you know their names...What's so special about them?"

"Well, Isabella is really close to Simon since her parents are long-time friends of Simon. Her parents work a lot in America, so Simon decided to let her live with him so she wouldn't have to leave the UK. Simon practically treats her like his own, so she spends a lot of time here and with him. Rachel is her best friend, but she's been in a couple Broadway musicals. I think they met when Simon took Isabella to New York." 

"Okay, but you still haven't answered my question. Should I talk to her?" I asked him. 

He shrugged his shoulders, "If you want. She's a sweet girl. Pretty too." 

I looked over at Isabella nervously. We made eye contact for a moment, but she looked away quickly at the same time I did. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks.

"Did he just stare at you?" I could hear Rachel ask her. 

"I think so...Do I look alright?" You look perfect.

"You look great. Unless he doesn't like girls who have their hair up in messy buns, yoga pants and hoodies, but I doubt that. He seems nice. You should talk to him, Izzy."

"I don't know...What if he thinks I'm funny looking...Or odd?" She asked Rachel.

"Oh, shut up. If he thinks you're odd, he can shove a-" I couldn't catch the last part, because her voice became muffled.

"Rachel! He's right there!"

"That's alright. Now go talk to him!"

"No...I'm too nervous." Isabella replied. "Wait...Rachel...What are you doing?" Isabella asked her. I could hear the sound of feet shuffling on the carpet behind me. I decided not to look back, to make it seem like I wasn't listening on their conversation. I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around and stood up, holding my hand out to greet the two.

"See. It's not so bad, Izzy. Now go talk!" Rachel demanded and pushed Isabella towards me. I guess Isabella didn't expect to be pushed, so she lost her balance and nearly fell over before I caught her in my arms.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" Isabella exclaimed, her eyes went wide and her cheeks turned bright pink. "You're...You're Niall Horan...From One Direction." 

I smiled and nodded, "Yeah, that's me. And you're Isabella Milan, right?"

She nodded. I helped her stand up, before putting my hands in my pockets. "I'm guessing you know why I'm here a lot too...Anyways, you guys are awesome. You definitely have my vote."

"Thanks, love." I grinned. The pretty girl thought we were awesome and she's a fan! "So, how long are you going to be here? I mean...In London...No, er...I mean here with Simon?" I stuttered nervously.

"Probably 'til the end of this season. I'll go see my parent's in America and then come back here to live with Simon. Although, I'm thinking of living with Rachel for a bit and I am telling a complete stranger everything. I'm sorry. I have a bad habit of talking too much. I really don't understand what's wrong with me sometimes and look, I'm talking too much right now. Again, I'm sorry."

I chuckled to myself, "It's alright, love. I can take rants and banter. I'm quite the ranter myself. I like that about you. We have something in common."

She blushed and looked down at her feet, "Thanks Niall. I guess we do have something in common. So, how do you like being in the X-Factor?" She asked me.

"It's amazing, really. I never actually expected me to get in. I mean, I'm from a small town in Ireland...It would seem almost impossible to make it and now I am. I'm doing this all with four other guys who are slowly becoming my best mates." I answered, happily. Talking about making it in the X-Factor always made me smile.

"Isabella...Simon is wondering if you would like to go for lunch with him. He said to meet him in his dressing room." Tanya, a petite, but semi-old woman told Isabella before walking away. 

"Oh, I guess I'll see you around then. It was nice meeting you, Niall." She smiled.

Be brave, Niall. Be brave. "You too, Isabella. Hey, I was wonderin', could I have your number? You know...So we can keep in contact. Unless this is weird and I make you feel awkward, because I don't want to do that."

"Hand me your phone, please." She requested. I nodded and gave her my phone and she gave me hers to put my number in. She typed her number into my phone and I did the same, saving it as "My Favorite Leprechaun". I gave her back her phone and she smiled, looking down at the name I gave myself. "See you around, Leprechaun." She waved back at me as she walked down the hallway towards Simon's dressing room.

I looked down at my phone and smiled.

My Favorite Girl


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