Princess of Saffron

The Isle of Saffron is on the coast of the Carribean, and Lily goes on holiday to discover the sun, sea, sand and dolphins. Her mischievious sister tries to get in the way of her plans, but will she keep it calm under pressure?


1. Chapter 1

The waves lapping over the golden, tropical sand is just beautiful. In fact, so beautiful that it is not normal – unnatural, you could say. Then again, nothing’s normal where I am. On the coast of the Caribbean, life is different! The temperature is so hot, I’m baking and roasting and I don’t think my body can get used to it – but I love it. It’s only a holiday on the Isle of Saffron for me, but it makes me think… being on ‘Paradise Island’ is just a dream that will end when we step on the luxurious plane that takes up back to wet England. However for the people who really live here, it’s what they call normal. Hey…it’s that word again. Normal. What is normal? I wonder if I’ll ever find out.

“Lily! Hurry up! Your sister is desperate for a wee! You can watch the ocean another day.” Mum told me. So, I reluctantly trooped behind my family.

“Can’t Rosie just go in the sea? No one will notice!” I replied angrily, desperate to spend another few hours viewing the silky smooth water that is the sea.

“Come on, Lil, you know perfectly well that she can’t ‘just go in the sea!’ Rosie’s terrified of any water apart from the kind she drinks and has baths in! Heaven knows why… anyway, I think there’s a Portaloo by the corner shop down the road. Let’s head in that direction.” Mum explained, rushing herself ever so slightly. My little sister stared at me with her penetrating eyes. “I really need the toilet mummy!” Rosie cried, so we jogged down to the corner shop. While Rosie did her business and mum helped, I entered the colourful corner shop. Well, it was more like a shack. It was spacious and wellcoming. We came into the shop the previous day, to buy milk and bread etc, when we first arrived, but I was too jetlagged and preoccupied to notice anything. You woudn't find a place like this in the New Forest! My friends would love it. I wanted the email them last night but there was NO INTERNET at the hotel we are staying at! None at all! Pathetic if you ask me... the people at reception said the wireless was broken or something. A thought popped into my head. "I'll have to do this the old fashioned, traditional way." Mum would have laughed at that.


Some eye-catching pictures grabbed my attention momentarily. I swung round. My peripheral vision has never been too great. They were postcards. Pretty ones, I'd say. Colour and cheerfulness shone right through the pictures on every postcard, showing things (lots of things) to do with the Isle of Saffron. Wildlife, food, towns, attractions, the sun, swimming pools, the beaches - the postcards really were mesmerizing, quite amazing...just like the Island itself.


One postcard stood out from the rest. I don't know why, I still can't put my finger on it. The photo was an image of a dolphin. We learnt about dolphins in year five. Of course, it was a few years ago so I can't remember much, but enough information to help me deduce what kind of dolphin it was.

It was a bottlenosed Dolphin. It was the most incredible dolphin I'd ever seen - so alive and magical.

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