It's time to dance {One Direction}

"Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the one his mates ran into shortly after when everything had just turned dark for me for a second."
"Mel it's more than that. Liam and I are together, but Matt can't know ok? He can't know anything about this place. Just as Liam can't know about the crew. You understand?"
"No I don't. I'm your best friend Dani. Your best friend through years, and this is why you've been acting so strange all of a sudden? I knew about x-factor and shut up about it. But this? This is a freaking boy band."
"But you're still here aren't you?"
I guess no matter how good you think you know people, you'll always be surprised at the end when your whole world turns around.


5. Introducing Zayn Malik from One Direction


I pulled the bag up over my shoulder and walked the short way to the park. I saw the car he had disappeared in the other day parked outside and I was soon scared that he wasn't alone, but at least he was there right? 

I walked through the gate to Hyde Park and down to the round pound where we were supposed to meet. 

I soon saw him standing there, with his hands low in his trouser pockets and with sunglasses covering his eyes. 


He looked up to the sound of my voice and his lips that revealed a scared reaction turned into a smile as he realized I was the one to come up. 


He smiled at me and opened his arms for a hug as I reached him. I placed myself awkwardly in his arms and let go of him again quickly as I didn't want anyone to see me like this. I knew some of my friends would be around and I didn't want them to be suspicious, as my boyfriend was the jealous type of guy.

“Wanna go for a walk?”


I smiled at him and we started walking around the huge park beside each other.

“So how was your training?”

“You don’t know anything about it.”

I smirked at him, and then looked back at the ground where I kept my focus most of the time.

“C’mon tell me about it?”

“No it’s too complicated. I can’t tell you.”

“What because you’re scared people will figure out?”

I stopped and walked in front of him, where I faced him closely.

“Look, these streets are much more dangerous than you think. People are talking all the time. We’re being watched right now, my boyfriend will know about this, and if he figures out that I’ve told you anything I might be kicked out of my crew.”

“Is it really that serious?”

“Deadly. This isn’t just some volunteer dance show for some pity little school. This is serious and it’s dangerous.”

“A girl like you shouldn’t be in these kinds of things. These people are criminals.”

“Well count me in as one of the criminals then. The 680’s are my family.”

“You seem to be playing all tough, but honestly it’s easy to tell that you aren’t that tough at all.”

“You don’t know me Zayn.”

“And you know me?”

“I didn’t say that, but there’s a reason I’m here. That’s to get to know you.”

“What do you wanna know?”

“Why you keep stalking me?”

“I don’t stalk you.”

“You knew it was me in Battersea Park. Therefore I’m guessing you know my crew.”

“I’ve seen you dance a couple of times.”


“Here and there. I saw you in Battersea, I saw you in Manchester a year ago, and I’ve seen you train in the park, and the croft.”

“You’ve been to the croft before?”

“Of course I have.”


“Just because… I know someone who comes there when you aren’t training.”


“It doesn’t matter.”

I looked around. Why was he being so mysterious? He was hiding something from me, and I really didn’t like it.

“Tell me something about yourself Zayn.”

“My name is Zayn Malik, I’m 19 years old… turning 20 in January. I work with Simon Cowell, who’s sent me out to find you.”

“To find me? What would Simon Cowell use me for?”

“He needs new dancers, and you’re a really good dancer. We could use someone like you on the team.”

“I dance in the streets. That’s where I belong.”

“So you don’t wanna get this opportunity.”

“I don’t wanna get kicked out from my crew.”

“Do they have to know?”

“They do Zayn. They are my family. I have my boyfriend, my best friend and my sister in that crew.”

We kept walking but there was growing an awkward silence between us.

“Why would I do this?”

I stopped up and looked out over the lake we were down by. I knew there was something about him. That mysterious bad boy with the kind face and being all polite…

“You’d get to dance for me and my band mates.”

“Your band?”

“You don’t know me at all do you?”

 “Why would I?”

“Ever heard of One Direction?”


“I’m part of that band. We need new dancers for the tour that comes up next year, and we need more people like you. We already have one dancer, and I’m pretty sure she’s been on the streets before, but we need people who can move in the way you can.”

My phone started ringing just as Zayn stopped speaking. I looked at the screen and saw Dani’s name pop up.

“Dani what’s up?”

“Andy just saw you in the park with that Zayn boy, so I’ll suggest you to get away soon, because things are about to be really ugly in there. Matt and Tyler are on their way. They wanna know what you told him.”


At the same time I saw them walk through the park.

“Shit they are already here. We’re off Dani.”

I hung up and turned back to Zayn. There wasn’t enough time for me to explain it all to him.

“Zayn run, and run fast. Unless you wanna get beaten up. We’re in deep shit right now.”

He looked at me confused, and was just about to speak, but they were to close.

“Zayn run now! I’m gonna handle this. Text me so I have your number, and I’ll call you later.”

He saw the two guys I was staring at and then took off. He could probably recognize Matt from earlier when he had been all annoying. Zayn barely got to get away, but you couldn’t say the same thing about me.

Soon I was pushed hard in the chest and up against a tree.

“What did you tell him?”

“It’s none of your business. Are you seriously jealous because I’m seeing my friends?”

“Stay away from him.”

“I’m 19 years old, I can decide who I hang out with myself thanks.”

“You told him didn’t you? About the crew. The plans. The dances.”

“I didn’t tell him anything but to stay off of the streets.”

“You’re lying to me Melody! I can see it in your eyes! If we’re taken by the police next time you’re out. You understand me?”



He pushed me again and then let go of me leaving me behind, hurt by getting pushed that hard, and for being treated like that by my boyfriend.

I ran off shortly after and just tried to shake it all off of me. I wanted to forget the most of that day, but on the other hand, I had made my choice. I was gonna meet Simon Cowell. I wasn’t gonna stand up for this anymore. I wanted to be done with the crew, yet stay here with them.


I got up the tube and went up the stairs. This was so close to my home, so it wasn’t hard to get home.

“Where have you been?”

My sister Jessica came out and found me in the hall. She saw the bruises I had gotten on my hand from when I had been pushed against the tree and she just opened her mouth and look at me with disgust.

“It’s none of your business Jess…”

“Who did this to you?”

“Just forget about it okay. It’s not your fight.”

“But I’m part of the 680’s”

“Yeah but this is for the older members ok? This has nothing to do with you, and I don’t want you to get more into this than you already are.”

“It’s about that Malik guy isn’t it?”

“How do you know his last name?”

“Please… Melody everybody does. There’s a reason Matt and Tyler are reacting as they do. They are scared you’re gonna be with Bradford Bad Boi instead of the crew. And honestly I understand them. You’ve been acting shit weird since you first meet him at that coffee bar.”


“I’m just saying… you’re gonna get yourself kicked out if you don’t watch out.”

“You just shut up and be my sister on this one!”

“If you say so. BTW you have guests.”

“Who’s here?”

“Go check your room.”

She rolled her eyes of me as I pushed her away and made my way to my room, where I found Matt sitting on my bed looking through the pile of pictures I had lying on under my pillow.

“Where did you find those?”

“Under your pillow where you always hide them.”

“They aren’t yours to look at.”

I snapped the pictures out of his hand and hid them safely in a drawer in my desk.

“You aren’t mad at me for what happened in the park are you?”

“Mad? Look at my fucking hands Matthew! You’re hurting me… all the time! This isn’t about the crew anymore. This is about us. What’s going on with you?”

“I just don’t want to lose you.”

“Well maybe you should start treating me with respect then.”

“I know, I’m sorry love.”

And with that I was out of my anger. It was like he had some power over me that made me weak and vulnerable. He could make me do almost everything he liked. 

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