It's time to dance {One Direction}

"Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the one his mates ran into shortly after when everything had just turned dark for me for a second."
"Mel it's more than that. Liam and I are together, but Matt can't know ok? He can't know anything about this place. Just as Liam can't know about the crew. You understand?"
"No I don't. I'm your best friend Dani. Your best friend through years, and this is why you've been acting so strange all of a sudden? I knew about x-factor and shut up about it. But this? This is a freaking boy band."
"But you're still here aren't you?"
I guess no matter how good you think you know people, you'll always be surprised at the end when your whole world turns around.


7. Flash-Mob On Oxford Street

We blocked the streets down at Oxford Circus as we arrived in all of the big cars we were driving in. This was the time to our craziest flash-mob ever.

I was sitting in Matt’s car with him and looking out at the people. First we were just holding in line waiting, but we needed to block the streets to have them to dance on as well.

“Are you ready? You seem nervous.”

“Let’s just say, my parents aren’t exactly happy if they have to pick me up at the station after this.”

I smiled at Matt and took his hand in mine. We both looked at the watch in the car and watched the time change to exactly 4pm, which made us block the streets totally. We heard Penny start the music and soon the small area was filled with our people.

I ran out on the street and took my place beside Dani, where I took her hand. We smiled at each other and then we all froze in position until that certain beat came and we all started moving around.

I wasn’t wearing my usual sweatpants and sports bra this time. I was wearing bigger clothes and a mask to cover my face. Beside that I was wearing a dress under my clothes; because I was gonna dance a whole other style than the one I was used to.

I moved like a robot around the area. I was dancing down in my knees, on my hands and spinning around on my head, closely followed by my sister and my best friend, but the music suddenly broke down and the boys and stunt men were in the front controlling it all, while we other were in the back. This was the time we got to get out of our close and into those dresses and other shoes.

We had practiced this, a couple of times, and we did perfect, there was just one tiny problem. I couldn’t dance in the high heels the other girls could. I was the one dancing with bare feet, which gave Simon and Zayn a big helping hand.

I walked back looking like a princess with the new white dress, and white mask and my hair all puffed up. It was crazy how we could change in this short amount of time.

Matt held me close in these new movements and helped me around the street without hurting my feet. It was like flying, when I suddenly had to move in these stiff new moves which reminded me of some sort of ballet I once saw as a child. I was stiff spinning around like a little stock up princess, but I moved my body more seducing than I had ever done before. It might have been stiff, but it was in a sexy way that made me lean close against my boyfriend. That was the reason I always ended up dancing with Matt. He didn’t want me this close to any other boy.

He helped me up after I had been in a position where I had been leaning back, almost touching the ground with my head, and now all up close in his head. We pecked each other’s lips fast, before we moved on, and all of the girls in the nice dresses started moving in a big group. We were dancing ballet as if we had been dancing it for year, but in reality we were just great dancer who had been practicing a lot for a very short time.

When we had finished in the front I found my clothes, because the police started storming the dance. I grabbed my clothes on the ground and ran away. I wanted to save myself instead of anybody because I would be in big trouble if I got taken in for this.

“C’mon Jess we don’t have time to wait for the others! I know where to go!”

But she didn’t hear me she just kept running with the others. I passed both Zayn and Simon when I was running away, and Zayn grabbed me my arm and pulled him with him and Simon covering me up in a shirt. He had seen how fast I could change, so he must have known how fast I could cover myself up again.

Before I knew I was in a car and driven around.

“Wait where are you taking me?”

“Back to the studios. We’re going to have a meeting.”

“We can’t. All of my friends will start looking for me, my sister is still out there! She could be caught by the police! And what about my best friend?”

“They are on their own now Melody. If you wanna be a part of this business you’ll have to come to this meeting. Understood?”

I threw myself back in the seat and sat grumpy back listening to music without saying anything the entire way to the studios, where we would be having the meeting. This was gonna be different, because this was gonna be my job outside of the crew. This was gonna be hard work, but I knew it was worth it. It was my time to dance, and show off what I was really good at, because people didn’t have to know my name, that just had to see the way I moved.



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I know the chapter was short, but it was only a filler for what's about to come xx 

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