It's time to dance {One Direction}

"Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the one his mates ran into shortly after when everything had just turned dark for me for a second."
"Mel it's more than that. Liam and I are together, but Matt can't know ok? He can't know anything about this place. Just as Liam can't know about the crew. You understand?"
"No I don't. I'm your best friend Dani. Your best friend through years, and this is why you've been acting so strange all of a sudden? I knew about x-factor and shut up about it. But this? This is a freaking boy band."
"But you're still here aren't you?"
I guess no matter how good you think you know people, you'll always be surprised at the end when your whole world turns around.


2. Flash-Mob in Battersea Park


I was walking around Battersea Park as if it had been any day, but this day was different, and it was gonna change my life forever. 

"Are you nervous?" 

Dani was walking beside me. We had been told to just act like normal people. It was a direct order from Matt. He had even told us which area to only stay at because the others would be there as well. 

"Just a little bit, but it's gonna be fun." 

“A bit different from what we usually do, don’t you think?”

“Not really. We’re not dressed this time, and I personally think it’s time that people see what we really look like. It’s not like we’re different from them, even though they think so.”

“No you’re properly right.”

We kept walking for a while, but as soon as Dani looked around and saw other people freezing in position, we looked at it each other and both knew what time it was.

"It's time!" 

We froze in our current position together with about 15 other people around the area. We weren't many but we were enough to make it big and amazing. I saw them all staring before we barely started but then I had the signal, and I saw her move as well. 

Penny pressed the play button and Michael was well-covered filming it all from a great perspective as our bodies started spinning around the ground. I saw Angelina appear in the far corner of the park, and I knew what she was going to do. She wasn’t the best dancer, but she knew how to use her art to speak to people, and she was really great at it. Dani and I smiled at each other, but she was soon replaced by my boyfriend and leader of the crew Matt, a 23 year old dancer who had always been in the streets, and now been the lucky guy to steal my heart. 

I moved my body against his in electrical moves as we followed the rhythm of the music close to each other but still making it out perfect as two individuals opposite each other. I looked around and backed a little off as the stuntmen and best guy dancers from the crew was in the front. They were spinning around beautifully and in every direction possible. I even saw Matt wink at me a couple of times making everyone sure that I was his and that no one would ever take me from him. They were doing steps and flips and spins, it was beautiful and catching. Soon it was over and I was back to being in the front. 

I did the finale with Dani and Matt before we heard the tones we all knew too well. The police were on the way, but we were gone running before they would even catch up on us. 

"Freeze it's the police." 

We didn't listen we just kept running. I was running out on the north side of the park, and all the way up across the bridge and up in Chelsea, the area I knew so well. 

"Mel what are you doing? This way!" 

Dani wanted me to follow her, but not this time. This time I took my own way. 

I ran into an alley about a mile from the park, and stopped to catch my breath. The police wasn't after me right now, so I took my time in the alley and found my bag that I had left here earlier. The thing was... We always had to keep our stuff a bit away from where we were dancing. I couldn’t just leave it all back at the croft, but I could leave it here, because no one would find it or for that matter take it. I had another set of clothes in the bag, and took it out and quickly changed into it, before I went back out on the streets where I disappeared into the crowd of people who were walking there. 

As soon as I was back on the street I started walking around the area. I wanted to go down to Starbucks, but I needed it all to calm down before I calmed myself down with the coffee. I walked down the small streets and stopped down close to the bridge again where I looked over at Battersea Park. 

I sat down on the sidewalk and looked over there. Why did the cops have to ruin it? 

Dumb and nosy as I was I took my bag and walked over the bridge down to the park. I needed to see the art and needed to know what was going on down there right now. 

"A group of young women and men chose to violently show up dancing around the trails of Battersea Park this afternoon. They left people disturbed and didn't seem to care at all as the new dance crew 'the 680's' left their trademark and mess around the park." 

I heard them speak as I walked by, and I saw the art burned into the grass. Angelina had done great this time, but I knew she could do better. The reporter looked at me questioning as I looked at the sign I had marked on my skin as well. The only thing was, mine wasn’t a tattoo like the others. Mine was a scar. I was the one to come up with the name for the crew, because I cut numbers into my skin as a kid.

I was walking around the park looking at the people who were there investigating but chose to leave as my phone started ringing, and the music playing was the same track as we had just been dancing to minutes ago.


"Yo Mel where're you at?" 

"I’m at the Park." 

"The park? What are you crazy?! The cops are still there!" 

"I know, but I changed. I'm on my way to get a coffee. I'll meet you all back at the croft afterwards. Make sure everyone gets there safe." 

I hung up as soon as I got the chance. I hated speaking with Matt when he was there as my leader. He was such a nice guy when we were just the two of us, but he changed as soon as he was being the leader of the crew he was. 


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