It's time to dance {One Direction}

"Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the one his mates ran into shortly after when everything had just turned dark for me for a second."
"Mel it's more than that. Liam and I are together, but Matt can't know ok? He can't know anything about this place. Just as Liam can't know about the crew. You understand?"
"No I don't. I'm your best friend Dani. Your best friend through years, and this is why you've been acting so strange all of a sudden? I knew about x-factor and shut up about it. But this? This is a freaking boy band."
"But you're still here aren't you?"
I guess no matter how good you think you know people, you'll always be surprised at the end when your whole world turns around.


10. Fight with the crew


"Mel I need to speak with you." 

I was in the middle of practicing a new routine with Dani. We had been closer than ever, ever since I knew she was the one to train with me for the One Direction shows. 

"I'm kinda busy sweetie." 

"Well this can't wait. Dani you as well." 

Matt was more serious than I had ever seen him and somehow it scared the crap out of me. 

"Okay everyone take five while we're talking to Matt." 

Dani and I smiled at each other and went down to Matt. He was standing with a plastic bag in his hand. It was easy to tell it was filled with magazines and he wasn't happy. 

"What's going on?" 

"Yeah you tell me. I went to the shop and these were all over the place! You girls have some explaining to do!" 

I picked the bag up from the floor and took out the magazine that revealed inside pictures from practice with One Direction, Liam and Danielle holding hands and me and Zayn flirting a bit around at the studios. 

"Is this the reason you've been late and haven't been around as much as you used to?" 

"Matt I can explain it..." 

"Then you better start." 

"I met Zayn Malik from One Direction at the day of the flash-mob in Battersea Park... Since then we've been getting closer and we're quite good friends now. He introduced me to Simon Cowell who needed another girl dancer on the team, and I said I was in, the only thing is that I can't get caught by the police when we're dancing on the streets. Really it's nothing it's just dancing." 

"I don't want you to be around these types! They are ruining the family! We're becoming your second choice! That Zayn boy is trouble!" 

"Look you've been nothing but a dick to him. Simon was the one to offer me a job and you know I need the money! So don't just stand there and be a total jerk!"

"This crew is your family, this is where the money is!" 

"No this is where the criminals are Matt! Because you've made damn sure of that! My sister was still a kid when you put her into this, and look at her now. Getting drunk in public and public disturbance from the dances! I love my dance and that's why I wanna do this! This is what I was born to do." 

"So you're picking some boy band over us! The crew, your family, your best friend?"

"Danielle is a part of the dancers, that's why they needed me as well. Dani and I are the best dance pair you'll find when it comes to this. And you know it. Truth is, you're not mad that I'm doing this. You're scared that we're gonna forget about the crew, and we'll go with the band wherever they want us to or forces us to. You're scared that you're gonna lose me to a singer, but guess what, he already did steal my heart, because he's there when you're pissed and all threatening all the time. This isn't the band's fault. This is your fault. You were the one to ruin everything we ever were, and this family. We used to do this because we loved it, but now? Now I'm not so sure anymore." 

"You've been lying to me Mel?" 

I turned around and saw my little sister standing right behind us and listening to everything we said. 

"Jess it's not like that." 

"We're family Mel. Real family by blood and you chose some bloody boy band over that." 

"Yes I did! I need the money okay? I need to get out of the crime we're doing even though it's what I love. Jess I wish I could have told you, but I couldn't... I haven't even told mum... She has enough on her mind with you being picked up at the police station all the time. You know that's hard for her right? Do you know why she's drinking and is pissed all the time? Because we aren't good kids." 

"You're pathetic." 

"That's your thoughts." 

"You have to choose Mel, same for you Dani... And seriously dancing for them is one thing, but dating one of them is disgusting." 

"I would choose them over everything. I have so much more than this crew Matt and as Mel said... You've made damn sure they were ruined, so don't complain when I'll try and forget about you because I'll be using my dance for something good instead of a crime." 

Danielle walked out of the door without hesitating. It was easier for her because she only had me who knew everything about her. I had a sister, my best friend, my boyfriend and another really close friend. 

"So what's it gonna be Mel? Are you with them or with your family?" 

"You ruined my family a long time ago Matthew." 

"So you are gonna choose some bloody boy band over me? Over your sister?" 

I lay a hand over his chest just as I was about to speak. After all he was the one I thought I would live my life with, but he had messed up big time this time. It was over, because my heart had started beating for someone else. 

"I thought this would be fun. I really thought it did, but then you became all bossy and started hurting me, just by being you. I cut the fucking name on my wrist, so don't you blame me for what went through your head. I need this job. If I can't be both places I'm choosing my job. And as for us? Just forget it ever existed. Goodbye Matthew." 

I pushed him gently and took my hand away as I left the croft in tears, with my bag safely placed over my shoulder. I heard my sister call my name, and partly begging me to stop the job, but I couldn’t. I would have to deal with her later.

As soon as I was outside the croft I saw Danielle sit on the other side of the road. She hadn’t been taking it as hard as I did, but she was sad as well. I could sure tell.

“What are you doing?”

“I knew you would come out. I’ve seen the way you look at him.”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Melody you’re quite stupid you know that right. You know I never wanted any of this to happen. That’s why I kept it all a secret. I knew Simon was looking for another dancer, but I hoped to somehow get you out of it before he even got a hold on you.”

“But you didn’t okay? And I just lost my boyfriend and my dance crew. And I’ll have to deal with my sister who’ll want to beat me up as soon as I step inside my own house, while my mum is probably passed out drunk on the bloody sofa!”

“Then don’t go home.”

“I have nowhere else to go.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

At the same time a black SUV stopped on the road. Liam was placed on the driver’s seat and I saw Danielle disappear in front of me, just as I had seen her go away so many times.  


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