It's time to dance {One Direction}

"Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the one his mates ran into shortly after when everything had just turned dark for me for a second."
"Mel it's more than that. Liam and I are together, but Matt can't know ok? He can't know anything about this place. Just as Liam can't know about the crew. You understand?"
"No I don't. I'm your best friend Dani. Your best friend through years, and this is why you've been acting so strange all of a sudden? I knew about x-factor and shut up about it. But this? This is a freaking boy band."
"But you're still here aren't you?"
I guess no matter how good you think you know people, you'll always be surprised at the end when your whole world turns around.


11. Being comforted by Zayn


I don’t know how long I was sitting on the side of that road alone, but I kept crying so I didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Are you okay?”

I recognized the foreign north British accent within a second and turned around to face no other than Zayn.

“What are you doing here? Stalking me again?”

“Wow someone’s grumpy.”

“Yeah, like you care about me. What do you want me to do this time? Become backup singer for the band?”

“Would I be here asking for you if I didn’t care?”

I heard him light up a cigarette and soon felt him dump down beside me.

“Now tell me what’s going on sweetie?”

“We can’t stay here and you know that.”

“I don’t care right now. You’re my friend and you look like you need a hug. C’mon. Let’s get back to my place.”

“Why that’s an easy way to ask a girl to come home with you.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I meant as my friend. Just… never mind.”

“Hey Melody! You forgot something!”

Out from the croft came most of the crew and threw their bracelets that I had made with the crew name on them, in my direction. Beside that the magazines were thrown in our direction as well, and I felt as if the whole world was about to go under as I saw Matt step up and show that he wanted to fight Zayn.

He ran all up in his face and picked him up from the ground.

“What are you doing here band boy?”

“Playing tough huh? Now that’s new.”

“Last time you were too scared to face me, I saw you run off.”

“Well it’s a good thing you still have it in you, so you can beat me up now.”

“Matt put him down now.”

“Or what?”

“Or else turn the entire crew in, and you know I have the flash-drive with the dance, so don’t you even dare telling me I won’t have prof or anything else. I have names, pictures, videos and places.”

Matt put Zayn down on the ground and made everyone come up with the magazines and bracelets.

“Now you’ll take care of your business and I’ll take care of mine? Are we clear?”


He was spitting out the word through his teeth as he forced the crew to go back inside. As soon as they were out of sight I swung my arms around Zayn’s neck and broke down in tears. I could feel him being shocked, but honestly I didn’t care. I just wanted someone to take care of me right now. Someone to love me, and I knew Zayn cared about me. He had proven that much to me over the past 2 weeks. He put his arms around me and placed a couple of kisses over my forehead telling me everything was gonna be alright.


The tears kept streaming down my face, but I didn’t care. I took the stuff from the ground and put them into my bag, before I followed Zayn to his car.

I lay down on the back seat as Zayn was sitting in the driver’s seat. I didn’t want to speak or listen to anyone. I just wanted the time to figure out what to do about myself right now. The only thing I would have left was Danielle, the boys who I barely knew and then of course my new job. But the only thing from my past that would stay was Danielle.

“Sweetie, where do you want to go?”

“I need to pick up some stuff from my own place.”


He turned the car around and drove it to Wandsworth, the area of London I lived in. It was quite far away from the city centre, but it was the only place my mum could afford to live in time, if we had to stay in the London area. Of course things would chance, at least for me they would.

We pulled up in front of the terraced house. Neither of the people out here was used to see such an expensive car in the area, so they were quite shocked when they saw me of all people step out of it.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“Sure just hurry up.”

Zayn locked his car, and followed me inside where I just ran directly to my room without taking my shoes off or even greeting my mum. I could hear some of the crew members here, and I knew that would mean more trouble, but right now it was just about getting out.

I packed a huge back I found under my bed, and got to take a lot of my clothes and some of my stuff before someone burst through the door to my room. Zayn stood behind me as I saw my sister and Tyler in the door.

“So you’re leaving the house as well?”

“I don’t have a choice right now ok? Just take care of mum while I’m gone.”

“You can’t just leave me here.”

“Mum’s here, and I’m pretty sure half of the crew ain’t going anywhere as well. You’ll be fine.”

“Fine in this shit hole while you’re up there with all of your important new so called friends.”

“I was given a choice ok? Do you think I want to stay out here for the rest of my life? Now get the fuck out of my room.”

“You can’t just tell me what to do!”

“Jessica don’t even get me started on this one. I’m the oldest and you’re in my room.”

“So what you wanna beat me up?”

“Don’t even get me there, because you know I could easily do that even though you’re my sister. Now leave me alone.”

She turned around and saw Zayn for the first time. I guess this was where she lost it because soon she was screaming and crying and hitting me from every site possible. I saw the look on Zayn’s face and I knew he wanted to do something about it but he couldn’t because he saw how I let my sister get her anger out on me. I knew I wasn’t the one she was pissed at the most. It was Matt, because he was the one who couldn’t live with the fact that I had other friends as well.


“Jess stop.”


“I’ll come back I promise. Don’t hurt yourself sweetheart.”

I held her close until she stopped fighting against me and calmed down. She left my room angry and with tears all over the face, which made me cry even harder.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s fine. Let’s get out of here, before the rest of them come around.”

“Where do you want to stay?”

“I was hoping I could crash on your sofa, just for a couple of days, until I find something else.”

“Of course.”

He smiled at me and placed his hand over mine as we were sitting in the car. I was sitting in the front this time, and looking out over the city as we drove back to the part of London I knew best.

Even though he didn’t say anything just his present would comfort me. I felt better when he was near me and it helped me a lot to just be me in every possible way. 

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