Why Me?

An ordinary girl has an ordinary life, at first. Then her life gets changed upside down. Her mom gets terribly ill her dad leaves and her school turns against her! With this new cute boy will she survive?


1. January

Wednesday 18th January

7 AM

My alarm went off so loud it sounded like an elephant stomping! I mean who needs alarms anyway I have my mom and dad to wake me up. Their always arguing over silly little things. It really gets to me. I jumped up quickly and shoved my shirt blazer and trousers on. Quickly I ran downstairs and walked into the kitchen. My mom was there but my dad wasn't. He had gone to work early. I sat down in my usual seat and ate what was in my place (tea and toast). My mom did not look very happy, I asked her what was the matter but she said 'nothing' so I left it.

4 PM

School was such a bore. I mean double German and double French, don't get me wrong I enjoyed science but German and French. They must be kidding. Miss Perno can't even say some of the French words we ask her, not a very good french teacher.

            Suzy really annoys me. Everyone's calling her 'Siamese Suzy'! (More like Sour Suzy, ha).She has billions of friends and is really popular. I have like three friends and no-one knows about me. I try to get more noticeable by wearing higher skirts and boob tubes but they all just laugh at me. All my friends are proper geeks, names, Betty, Semolina and Orion. Maybe if I don't hang around with them they might like me a bit better. Hmmnnn.

7 PM

I have got it I will not be friends with them from tomorrow! I will stand my ground and make new friends and be as popular as Siamese Suzy!!

9:30 PM

This is not going to work is it......

Thursday 19th January

4 PM

Did not do my little plan as Suzy's friends were taking the mick out of me and I started crying. My mascara ran down my cheek and I ran into the girls' toilet, I bawled  my eyes out non-stop. Maybe I exagerated! I cant of! Could I?

5 PM

Maybe I'm being bullied! I cant be! Well there not hurting me or anything and I only cried yesterday! NO! I am not being bullied and thats final!

Friday 20th January

6 PM

I am being bullied! They pushed me over and grabbed my bags and emptied the contents. All the boys laughed and all the girls stared! Even my friends dont hang around with me anymore. What have I done wrong? I need to change! I'm not going to write in this diary again I swear! .....

Tuesday 31st January

6 PM

Its so hard not writing in this diary. I look at it every time I get in from school and think I have to write in it and here's the chance. I have been bullied loads after that incident. The boys mock me and tease me and the girls just laugh at me all the time. I have no friends left now I wander around the school alone trying to keep the river of tears from bursting its banks. Its sooooo hard! Lord, help me! 




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