Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


24. Turning 21

Joseph's P.O.V - "Yes I'm sure I'll just have to be careful so go get dressed" Jade said. I wondered why she wanted to go to a club but then she screamed " It's Lilly's baby shower " oh . Everyone forgot about my special day but I had to forget it because I was very proud of my pookie for keeping the baby and I'm also proud because niall stayed with her not like those hooligans in the street,So I grabbed my fancy suit . And waited for jade to finish up .

Jade's P.O.V - I texted niall

J - he felt for it be there in 10 N - you need to stall him were still waiting for the cake J - how am I supposed to do that N - Idk take a long shower J - ok. That's easy ill txt you when were ready to go N - Okay jade

So I hopped in the shower and heard " jade are you ready??""No I need to wash up" I yelled. I had to stall by taking a long shower. Then I heard "I Want I want I want" ( text message tone ) I checked it.

N- Hey we are ready J- okay be there in 10 N- liam left the keyde to "his" flat on his drawers in his guest room J- Ok I got it bye

So I got out the shower put on a glittery blue dress with glittery silver heels. I went into liams guest room and found a pair of keys with a keychain that said "New Home" what he has lived in the same house for 2 years already. Ok jade just forget.

Lilly's P.O.V:

I was waiting with Niall and Louis sitting, ready for my big brother to come. We decorated the "out side" of the club with stuff so it looked like a baby shower, but it was paper with some door, so when jade and jojo walk in the see all the Happy Birthday stuff. I hear jades car pull up, I started to feel, what I thought were nerves in my stomach cause I was really excited, I hadn't celebrated my bro's birthday in years. Then jade walked in, followed by jojo... 1... 2 … 3 ... 'SURPRISE' everyone shouted at jojo, throwing balloons and streamers at him. He was speechless, he really thought I forgot? Really?

Joseph's P.O.V:

'G-guys, all this for m-me?' I asked, I was so shocked that they did this for me. Lilly came over to me. She looked happier then ever, 'really big brother? You think we forget your twenty FIRST, birthday' she asked, as if it was obvious. I remembered this is why I love these people. Then I seen Niall come up to me with this tan husky with 1 blue eye and 1brown I still loved it I saw a collar on it with a tag which said "From Pookie And Nialler" awww that was so sweet. I loved this gift but then Liam passed me a key with a chain that said "New Home" "Liam whose keys are these" I said . "There to your new flat Jojo" really he bought me a flat. Pookie then came up, with a pressie that looked like a small box, I unwrapped it, opened the box, and inside we're a set of car keys. Omg 'POOKIE?!? U can't even afford your own place yet buy me a car?' I felt angry that she was working from the day dad died, refusing any money at all. Ni ni gave me money, cause paper covers rock' she said, so Niall was now insisting he give her money. Phew! 'Oh wow uhm thank you guys so much' I said, but that wasn't the end of the presents... Jade come over to me with a big box and she handed it to me and said "Happy Birthday Fiancé" I opened it and It was plane tickets to The U.K. "Your coming to the U.K. with me and the girls" jade said . "Guys I gave an announcement to make" niall said . He and took out a little box...

Lilly's P.O.V: Niall came over, and said he had an announcement to make. He bent down on one knee and held out a little box. Wow! Omg this was HAPPENING! Wow wow wow! 'Lilly Mary-Anne Snow, Will you marry me?' I was so shocked. All I managed to say was a struggled 'wow' then Niall started to babble. 'I know things haven't been the best the last six months but' 'Niall, Niall, NIALL' I yelled, he stopped talking and looked up, 'yes' he said. 'Niall James Horan.' I started. Everyone was looking at me anxiously waiting for my response. 'I will marry you' I said. And everyone started to clap.

Jade's P.O.V: Yay! Niall and Lilly are getting married. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Ouch. I was going to be sick. 'Be right back' I said and ran to the girls bathroom. I started vomiting, when I heard someone come in. It was Lilly, 'Jade, are you ok?' She said. Coming into the cubicle I was in. She held back my hair. I was worrying cause as she say down on the floor she looked like she was on so much pain, but if didn't bother her. 'I didn't think you had that much to drink' she also said. Hmm if only she knew. 'I-I didn't have any-' I started before I threw up again. I was crying at this point. I wonder how Lilly was so controlled with her baby. 'Shh shh, it's ok Jade. What's wrong?' She asked. 'I-I'm pregnant' I let out I had vomit in my hair and tears in my eyes, my face was covered in tears. 'Why didn't you tell me, that's wonderful!' Lilly said. 'I know it's just I didn't want to ruin your proposal. I-I don't know' I said and burst into more tears. 'It's ok, sshh sweetie, it's just the hormones, I feel like this all the time too. Sshhh let's get you cleaned up and enjoy the party' Lilly said. She's amazing really, how can she feel like this and look like that? She hides it all so well making me wonder how much she really hid from her bro, like she told me she hid all the bullying that was happening to her at school... 'Here, put your head down here' Lilly said, pointing to a basin with warm water. I dipped my head in, as Lilly was washing my hair she started singing. She sounded really good. And then she grabbed a mini micro-fiber towel, wrapping it around my head. She had everything. After my hair was dry enough she started to brush it. I felt like a little kid. Her re-do your face and ill just clean up the toilet. I did all my makeup again. 'Maybe you should smile, it really is your best accessory' Lilly whispered in my ear, that brought on a smile. 'Much better' Lilly said. We went out to everyone else partying and they all stopped when we came out. 'Guys, Jade has some wonderful news' Lilly said. 'What is is?' Louis asked, Sam nodded in agreement. I was so sad Sam and Kath had to move to Antartica after the party, for 50 years, to do some science thing. 'I-I'm pregnant.' I said, bearly a whisper, but Louis heard it and yelled it out for the world to hear... "YOUR PREGNANT" "no louis I'm lying" I said sarcastically . So I went up to Lilly and said " Will you come to the doctor's with me tomorrow" "Sure I need to get another ultrasound, too' she said. 'Really?' I asked, 'i thought u had one just done' i said. 'i dod but the machine stuffed up. they told me ti come back. and ill have u there' she replies. So after the party finished we all headed to niall's house and we all changed into pajamas and fell asleep.

It was a night that was full of good news, a night that I will never forget...
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