Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


22. Punishments (pranks pt.2)

Louis's P.O.V: 'Nooooo don't eat it please please pleads' I pleaded as Sam ate my last carrot, Lilly, Jade, Joseph, Sam, Pirrie, Kath and Dani had eaten a bag of carrots each, all my precious carrots gone! Nooooo. They let me go and I ran out to tell the others. But they ran and hid, who knows whs re.

Niall's P.O.V:

'Aaaaaaaaa' I heard a scream, 'THERE EVERYWHERE, Aarch' it was Liam. God what was wrong? I rolled over, and stretched me fingers, seeking Lilly's warmth, but all I felt was the sheets that laurd below her. Where was she? I went into Liam's room, but dani wasn't there either, wow. Where were the girls, I walked in a bit and steped on a shiny thing, a spoon. God Liam. How did you get yourself in this mess? I picked him up over my shoulder and took him out his room. We got into the kitchen and we almost didn't notice Zayn there, we were busy discussing party plans. 'Morning guys' Zayn mumbled. 'Oh hey Zayn, WAIT ZAYN?!?' I replied. His hair was really really messy. And he was up at 5:45 AM?!?! Something strange was going on. I opened the fridge soon and leg out a screech 'aaa' 'what's wrong lad?' Liam asked me. I pointed at the empty fridge. Then I looked in the cupboard. Empty. OMG what kind of monster would do this, then I remembered the girls and Joseph were missing. I was waiting for Hazza and Lou to surface when I heard Garth come down stairs and it was impossible not to laugh. I heard Zayn let out a little giggle and Liam's face was red as ever. 'Say what?' Harry asked. 'Your... Hair... Was... Straightened... By... The... Girlies... And... Joseph' I let out between fits of laughter. Harry ran to the kitchen mirror, which happened to be covered. God. 'Abd I thought Zayns hair was bad' he said. 'Oh yeah, the girls hid all my hair stuff' Zayn said. 'And the fooood' I wailed. We gotta get them back. Liam was on his way to get Louis when I hear a 'guyyyyys they at them aaaaaalllllll' Louis was up. And Liam looked shocked. 'Whats wrong, what did the girls do?!?' Harry demanded. And Louis smiled. 'Oh honey boo boo, you always know how to make me smile. Harry just smiled and they started to pretend to make out. 'Dont be a hypocrite Louis and we gotta find the girls' I said, angry that I'm not allowed to make out with lilliez in front of him... Anyway I said "The girls and Joseph did this " "we have to find them and get them back" zayn demanded. Harry replied "split up" so we all split up and searched everywhere but nowhere to be found then I remembered I have an attic and I whispered screamed "guys there in attic" and we all tip-toed into the attic and I seen all of them sleeping, it reeked of nail polish. I know how to get them back. But I told Liam to grab Joseph's dog. I wasn't a party pooper. I told the boys "everyone grab someone and follow me" so we all grabbed someone and we went into the backyard. since it was the middle of winter i tool lilly to the outdoor pool. it would be frozen... We all counted to three 1.....2.....3 and we threw all of them into the pool. Waiting to be greeted with a foul loud lot of screams as a wake-up call, for throwing them in the pool with their wet nails. All but Jojo of corse. He will scream for the pool. But as they say -Paybacks a bitch and revenge is sweet- how right they were..."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" they all yelped. There were all freezing cold I can see it on there purple lips we felt guiltu so we helped all of them out and went straight into the lounge and by the fireplace. I ran upstairs to grab some blankets and fresh Pj's. I went to grab pjs and blankets, and I remembered LILLY! Crap! I hope our little baby was ok, I grabbed 2 extra blankets, and I was so scared that I killed our bubba. 'Lilly, u ok?' I asked, Joseph obviously picked up my concern and she didn't want anyone to worry so she said yes. But something was wrong... I was hoping to find out, but I remembered, THE DOG!!!!!!
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