Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


23. Preparations *-*

Niall's P O.V
The dog was scratching on the floor so I went up stairs with jade. We went into the room and I grabbed the dog and I told jade " Jade I'm going to drop the dog off in the club and I'm going to start setting up the party" "ok" jade replied "But how do we get him to go to the club " "idk lie to him" I said as I walked out the front door with the husky.

Jade's P.O.V
I had to lie to my fiancé but it was for a good cost and I also needed to tell the boys and girls to go help him but me idk how but I had to. So I went downstairs and started saying weird things to the guys"Um guys Yea the cow is in the farm " "what jade"liam replied. "Niall needs help with the groceries " and I gave liam the winky face and he got what I was saying and said "Oh c'mon guys lets go help niall with the groceries " before they left I gave them a bag full of the dress-up clothes. While I was doing that Joseph was about to leave then I said " babe stay with me" and he nodded and stood behind . ~10mins later ~ niall texted me saying it was good to go. "Babe go get dressed up I wanna go to the club""are you sure you wanna go to the club in the condition your in " he replied

(Sorry for the short chapter we promise the next one is going to be long and there's going to be so many surprises. Hang in there . - Erin & Joseph)
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