Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


20. Jade Thirlwall

Niall's P.O.V:
I was very quiet in the car on the way to Lilly's house, after her 16 week ultra sound. Joseph has change heaps, he's even lost his Irish accent. I had heaps to thank him for, he was the reason I met Lilly. 'Babe, what's wrong?' Lilly asked me, so I came up with the most obvious answer, 'I'm hungry' I said. 'Me too' Lilly replied, well of corse she hungry, she's carrying another person. 4 months ago, that's when it happened, 4 months pregnant. God. When we got to Nandos she insisted she pay, Lilly hated getting stuff for free... We ate, and on our way back from the Nandos two things happened. First thing Lilly got a call from a pen pal of hers. Jade Thirlwall, she was engaged, and she was coming to Dublin for another reason, so she was going to pop by. The other thing that happens was this: 'Hey, Niall, honey' Lilly said. 'Yeah' I replied. 'Well it's Joseph's 21st birthday, on Friday' she began, 'and I was hoping that we could throw him a surprise party' she finished. Omg yes that is a great idea... We got home and I was thinking about this party so much I didn't notice when Liam out toy story on, or when everyone went to bed. So I went out with Lilly to buy some presents for Joseph then I heard Lilly say "I know the perfect gift oooo he's gonna love it" I was suspicious so I asked "And what is that " "A puppy" she replied"what kind of puppy exactly" I asked "you'll Find out later". So we went looking for a pet shop. When we found one we went straight inside and I seen Lilly walk straight up to the counter and asked " Do you have a tan husky with blue eyes" and the woman replied " yes it's a puppy but only one eye is blue the other one is brown" it's okay ill take it Lilly replied. A husky I thought it's going to look so cute. When we got home with the puppy we had to keep him a secret so we left him in the backyard no one goes out there. Liam saw us with the dog and said "Who doggy woggy is this" and I replied "Its Joseph birthday present ""Oooo I'm getting him his own flat right next door"Liam said "Liam don't you think that's alot" I said in a worried voice. "No he is like my brother so I want to buy him a flat to show him how much he means to me".

Lilly's P.O.V
I received a message from jade my penpal

Jade - Hey
Lilly - Hey
Jade - I have to tell you something
Lilly - what is it
Jade - I know your brother we lived right nextdoor to each other
Lilly - Oh really wow
Jade - And the only reason he went over there is to move closer to you and to tell you that.....
Lilly - What ??
Jade - remember how I told you I was engaged well I'm engaged with your brother
Lilly - really when is the wedding
Jade - The day before School starts and I want you to be the maid of honor
Lilly - Omg really
Jade - yes I'm going over there in a week
Lilly - I'm so excited Sissy in law xD
Jade - Bye ttyl
Erin - Bye

So Jadie was coming. Yay! And she's my sister in law! Yay! I was so exited for her coming to Joseph's party! 'Hey, sweetie' I said to Niall with a mega smirk plastered on my face. His face lit up, he knew what I was thinking, but never the less he still wanted me to say it... 'What?' He said slightly smirking also. 'Can we watch a movie. That's not Toy story' I said. Seeing Liam went back to bed, I don't really blame him, it's 4:30am... 'How bout Paranormal Activity?' He said, cause he though I got scared. I just pretended cause Niall was a big wuss. 'W-w-which one' i asked, pretending to be scared. Pfft and Niall said that my acting classes were a waste of money. 'All of them' Niall replied, it took extra strength for me not to smile. 'Ok come on,' he said dragging me into our room...
'Aaaa' I whisper-screamed digging my face into his chest. 'Babe, babe, babe, ssshhh' he converted me, 'it's ok' he said, I went to get some food and Niall was just sitting there, on the couch. So we made out. Then we heard a noise but I ignored it, then Louis came out and tapped me on the shoulder, god not this overprotective older bro thing. 'Sorry babe me 'older bro' is being protective again' I said to Niall, blowing him a kiss and walking into the kitchen with Louis, 'Louis, how many times do I have to te-' I began, but he cut me off. 'Yeah yeah yeah u geddit, just before you make out with your boyfriend, warn me ok?' He said, so immature...

Louis's P.O.V:
It's not that I'm immature it's that I'm jealous, I really like Lilly, but I can play the immature maniac...

Lilly's P.O.V:
After the movie I went to investigate, Zayn must of known about this, seeing my friend Pirrie was in little mix too, and since I introduced the too they seemed to become best friends. Zayn was looking in his mirror, and a virtual Pirrie was sitting on his bed. Surprise Surprise. 'ZAYN JAVAAD MALIK, and Pirrie' I screamed, at Zayn, not a Pirrie cause I love Pirrie. 'Y-y-yes' Zayn answered, I scared him. Yay! 'Did you know about Jade and Joseph?' I asked. 'Y-y-yes ma'am' he answered. Cool! I'm ma'am now. 'Why the hell didn't you tell me?' I asked. 'W-w-well, Lilly in all do respe-' Pirrie tried to explain. 'Pirrie. I'm not angry at you, your a loyal friend to Jade, but Zayns a bad boy' I said, with a smirk. He knew what I was talking about. Good. 'I promised' Zayn said, filling the awkward silence. 'Whatever' I muttered as I walked out.

Jades P.O.V:
I was going to meet my fiancé, Joseph and his sister, Lilly. I couldn't wait! Lilly and I have never actually met, but I knew her, her golden hair, deep blue eyes, Niall is so freaking lucky. I couldn't wait to spend time with my future sister-in-law! I called Pirrie to hurry up so we could get to the airport in time, our plane left in an hour...
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