Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


16. Disaster

James P.O.V:
I'm sure Lilly went into that restaurant with her boyfriend, Niall well shitz was gonna go down, bitches. I bust through the door and everyone tries tries to run but 10 people in the middle of the restaurant don't make it out... 'Well well well. Lilly Snow. I've missed you' I said as I kissed her cheeks 'Dont do that' she spat back at me. 'Tie em all up... All but Lilly...' I told my mates. I had other... plans for Lilly...

Niall's P.O.V:
James, James, James. God he pushed my bottoms. He was going to rape Lilly, I knew it. He could get her pregnant. Cause he wouldn't use protection. As his 'friends' tied us up I remember shouting 'I LOVE YOU LILLY SNOW' and then it went black.

Lilly's P.O.V:
I was taken to the back of James car, I couldn't believe I fell for this dooche. 'I love you guys' I heard Liam say, looking over to me for approval. I nodded. 'I LOVE YOU LILLY JANE SNOW' I heard Niall shout, as James came over putting a black cloth in front if my mouth, I started to feel dizzy. Then it all went black...
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