Niall Horan is my best friend, he's cute, funny, and not to mention Irish. But way happens when Niall goes off to audition for the X-Factor and leaves her for ever. What happens when he comes back with all his band mates?


25. Claire


Niall's P.O.V:
I went to make Lilly some breakfast, and when I came back I saw she was making the bed. 'Oi Lilly don't do that, stop' I said as I went in. I made her lay on the bed as I grabbed the guitar and I started to strum. No particular tune.

Joseph's P.O.V:
'Oi, Lilly don't do that, stop' I heard Niall say. I just woken up and realised Jade was still sleeping. I crept into Lilly's room. I was really happy for her. Niall was stroking her hair and strumming a random tune on his guitar. It sounded really sweet. He started singing. 'You'll never love your self as much as I do, but I want you to' it wasn't a real song but it was lovely. I really loved Niall as a brother, and I know my Pookie loved Jade as a sister. Things couldn't be better...

Jades P.O.V:
I woke up and got dressed, in pair of light blue denim jeans with a white top, and a light sky blue cardigan. I went to see if Lilly was ready, she was. Dressed in a beautiful pair of dark blue jeans with a button up white t-shirt and a silver belt. I grabbed a purse and put it in get massive black bag. And we caught a bus to the hospital.

Lilly's P.O.V:
We got to the hospital and went to the front desk. I remembered the face of the receptionist but I didn't remember where. She obviously thought she knew me cause she said, 'Hello 16 year old, stuff up, or are you 17 now' she said... Where had I heard that before. 'W-were here for ultrasounds' I said. Jade held my hand for support, cause she knew it had upset me. I was 18 for her information anyway. 2 days younger than Ni. 'What a loser, you of corse... Niall's MINE' she whispered in my ear as we left for the waiting room... That's where I recognise her from, she was one of the girls from Niall's house when he came home. God Niall, hers! What a load if crap. 'Er- uhm, thanks.' I heard Niall's voice, yay he was there! The girl, saw me out of the corner of her eye and she kissed Niall. This is bullshit. Niall's my fiancé and the father of this baby I'm carrying right here inside my stomach.

Niall's P.O.V;

Who was this girl? She can't just say she mine, doesn't she see the ring on Lilly's finger? Omg omg I tried pushing her off me but she's so strong. I can see jojo coming, oh no.

Joseph's P.O.V:
Why is Niall kissing that girl, god I was so stupid how could I let Lilly marry this. Wait. Niall's trying to her away, she's attacking him. I went up to her and wrenched him away from her, Claurie, that was her name. Then I saw Therese come our calling on Lilly and Jade. 'Come on Bro' I said to Niall, more harshly then I intended to.

Lilly's P.O.V:
'Thanks Jojo' I started, 'you no that's not really Niall's fault I really do l-' but Joseph cut me off, 'it's ok Pookie. I love and support any choice you make, except that James guy. He was crazy. Just go to your ultrasound.' He said. 'Come with me please, jades coming' I pleaded. I really wanted my big bro to be there. Jojo and I were like best friends, his friends were my friends and we shared everything with each other. 'Pookie, of corse I will come, this is a big part of your life and it a big part of my life too' Jojo said. Aww. We want into the room and Jade said I could go first, uh thanks Jade. I lifted my top up as Therese put the blue freezing stuff on my stomach, Therese was my friend, she was really nice and we caught up often sometimes, she and Harry seem to be getting on well. Seeing Sam got back with Percy, and her and Kath moved. And Pirrie and Zayn are a thing, but Harry doesn't mind. 'It seems all good. If you look here' Therese said pointing to something in the screen. 'Heres a foot' she moved her hand 'and another foot and-' she moved her hand 'Lilly! Congratulations are in order, you are having two little baby boys' She said! Twins! YAY

Jades P.O.V:

How luck is Lilly, she's having twins. Uh oh it's my turn. It's my first ultrasound so when I lift my shirt up I'm really surprised to see a small bump. 'Ok so Jade, this is your first ultrasound. This will be a bit cold' Therese said. She put some blue gluggy stuff on my stomach and it was freezing. She waved the wand over my stomach and said 'You are 4 months along and you are having twin girls' 'really?' I said I wasn't sure what to be more shocked about, being FOUR months along or having twins! Wow! 'Wait doctor four months?' Jojo asked, cause we were told about it 1 month saying I was only 2 months along. 'Yup' she said. 'Awesome' Lilly said! 'That means we can have a double baby shower' I said, seeing I was 4 months along and Lilly was 5 months. This was going to be awesome...
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