The Church

Hey. This isn't my usual genre but I hope you will like it all the same. I wrote this when I was 11, for a poetry book my school was making. oh yeah, and the cover is the actual church in the poem. Well, it was supposed to be, but then my computer decided that she hated me and wouldn't upload it.


1. The Church

It was built around '75, don't tell.

Its built in the shape of a seashell.

It's a beautiful church,

with windows of stained glass.

And everyone admires it as they pass.


Some people go to adoration,

for an hour.

Others pray to St Teresa,

the Little Flower.

Across from my house,

in Ednamo.

This sanctuary stands,

Like a rock in the woe.


Across from my house,

This beautiful church stands,

It stands,

It stands,

Like a shell in the sand.

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